Man is gaining excess weight if eaten more than a day spends his body. Being overweight, and especially obesity leads to many health problems and shortens life.

Causes of obesity

– Overeating. Excess calories turn into fat;
– A sedentary lifestyle (reduced physical activity)
– A low level of metabolism, in rare cases, hypothyroidism (thyroid disease, in which the strongly slowed metabolism).

The symptoms of obesity

– A person’s weight by at least 20% higher than predicted (the calculation takes into account height, age, sex, and the constitution.
– Waist greater than 100 cm in men and 90 cm in women.
– The ratio of waist and hips more than 1 in men and 0.45 in women more.

Complications that can cause obesity

– Diabetes
– Heart defects
– High blood pressure and high cholesterol level in blood
– Back problems
– Gallstone disease
– Sleep disorders
Cancer of the colon, rectum, prostate (in men) or breast, uterus or cervix (in women)
– Psychological problems, low self-esteem.

What you can do?

– Check with your doctor
– Eat less, try to eat foods that are low in fat and high in fiber. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grain bread
– Start doing aerobics, but do not do it, and with an experienced instructor
– Were engaged in swimming, cycling, hiking, jogging do. If your weight is too heavy, start with exercises where you do not have to lift the weight, so as not to damage the knees and ankles.

What can a doctor?

The doctor can determine the cause of obesity and the possible complications (if they already have), assign the appropriate diet and drug therapy. Often in such cases, dietary assistant and an endocrinologist. The psychiatrist will help you to change eating behavior. After all, people are not always to blame for the fact that he eats a lot, often it can not even control his behavior. The therapist will check the state of your health and tell you whether you have contraindications for sports and what kind of exercise is preferable for you.

Preventative measures

Eat balanced. Eat foods that are low in sugar, fat but high in fiber (fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains). Stay away from fatty meats and fried foods.

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