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The Surplus of This Popular Product Threatens Serious Illnesses

The surplus of this popular product threatens serious illnessesIn moderate amounts, sugar is important for the health of the whole organism. Millions of years ago, our ancestors diligently mined fruit and honey: sugar not only provided them with energy, but also helped store fat for cold and hungry times. Those who did not eat enough sugar had neither the strength nor the physical ability to reproduce their kind.

Why Fish Oil Is Useful. Research Results

Why fish oil is useful. Research resultsAmerican experts from the University of Michigan proved that fish oil reduces the negative impact on the heart of psychological stress.

British scientists representing Liverpool University have investigated the ability of fish oil to compensate for the destructive effect on the body of unhealthy foods and fast food.

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

How to lose weight without exerciseIt is believed that for effective weight loss you need to exercise regularly and eat well. Of course, this statement is beyond doubt, since compliance with such a scheme has almost always shown good results. But even if you simply organize a balanced diet without bothering your body with physical training, it will slowly, but will get normal parameters, and the person will feel more healthy. To regularly eat food that best affects all the physiological processes occurring in the body, you can find a site on which specialists make up individual diets and are engaged in the delivery of useful products.

How to Sit on the Toilet Correctly? Causes of Constipation and Hemorrhoids

How to sit on the toilet correctly? Causes of constipation and hemorrhoids"How do we sit on the toilet?" - once asked the author of the book "Charming Bowel", at that time a student of the medical faculty, a neighbor in the apartment. The result of the answer to the question was the chapter in the book, which helped many people to take a fresh look at the process of defecation and get rid of constipation caused by psychological causes and wrong posture in the toilet.

Diet for the Skin

Diet for the skin There are contraindications, consult your doctor.

Every woman wants to have a clean, beautiful, well-groomed, youthful skin. The youngest must be skin on the face, as her every day see the surrounding. To be beautiful, a woman uses cosmetics and skin care products, but this is not always enough. To skin remains smooth and youthful, you need proper nutrition.

Glycemic Index Diet

glycemic index dietThe nutrition system based on controlling carbohydrates receipts called glycemic index diet: It allows you to quickly lose weight without causing harm to the body.

How to Remove Stretch Marks on Thighs: Change Life for the Better

How to remove stretch marks on thighsThe reasons for the appearance of stretch marks on thighs a lot of pregnancy, hormonal changes the body during adolescence maturing, a sharp weight gain or weight loss. In addition to this disease it may be associated with a genetic predisposition commonplace. How to remove stretch marks on thighs, treatment and causes of the disease - everything is in the article proposed to your attention.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Breasts and Return the Former Beauty of the Body

How to get rid of stretch marks on breasts and return the former beauty of the bodyHow to get rid of stretch marks on breasts we describe here. All women want to have beautiful skin of the breast, which in fact is not surprising and fine. Most breast skin spoil streamers, which are the majority of women. In medicine, they are called striae, they appear due to the excessively sharp reduction or weight gain. Most stretch marks appear after childbirth or nursing. Naturally, in such a situation, women are beginning to look for the most effective means, to once and for all get rid of stretch marks on his chest.