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Why Fish Oil Is Useful. Research Results

American experts from the University of Michigan proved that fish oil reduces the negative impact on the heart of psychological stress. British scientists representing Liverpool University have investigated the ability of fish oil to compensate for the destructive effect on the body of unhealthy foods and fast food.

What Products Raise, and Which Lower Blood Pressure?

It is no secret that different foods can affect blood pressure – both upward (hypertension) and decrease in strontium (hypotension). Both conditions are unfavorable to the body and should therefore be corrected figures of pressure in the direction of their normal values. Chronic elevation of blood pressure often indicate different starting health problems, genetic predisposition… Read More »

What Not to Eat Before Blood Donation?

Dietary restrictions – that’s what a lifetime many times faced everyone. Aggravated gastritis – you can not eat spices, fried, sweet, salty and fresh fruits and vegetables; performance scales began to “off-scale” higher positions – sit on a diet and generally deprive ourselves of the majority of gastronomic pleasures. Even the blood can not pass… Read More »

Why Should You Run? Benefits and Harms of Running

Nowadays, an active and healthy lifestyle is often associated with running. That this exercise has the most popular, and throughout the world. Those who are older will remember the American trend of the 90s, according to which everyone had to run. Everyone is used to talk about the benefits of running, but no one really… Read More »

Fitness During Menstruation

On this point there are different opinions. Most people do not accept the “intermediate” options are the supporters of a categorical “no” or “yes”. The first show that during menstruation sports is clearly prohibited, because “these days, even on the physical education free”, while the latter argue that the first – a “freeloader” who are… Read More »

For What Needed Amino Acids?

Amino acids – are chemical compounds that comprise proteins. When the human digestive tract gets protein foods, using special enzymes, it is split into amino acids. Only then it can be assimilated. Small-sized molecules penetrate the amino acids from the intestine into the blood, and then the body can use them for their own purposes.

How to Reduce the Acidity of the Stomach?

Even healthy people a few times a year are faced with situations where they suddenly starts to bother nausea, heaviness in the abdomen or stomach pain. The reasons for this may be many – from the use of poor-quality food to the side effects from taking aspirin. In some cases, listed complaints arising from the… Read More »

Black Soybeans: Benefits and Harms, Doctor Review

Black soybean – a product that is used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is considered a source of balance. Therapeutic effects: replenishes blood levels, nourishing yin, expels wind, strengthens weakened, normalizes the activity of the channels of stomach and spleen. In Russia, black soybeans also find healing, but its effect is usually described using different… Read More »