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External Hemorrhoid. Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid Treatment

External hemorrhoid. Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatmentAs the most common disease of the rectum, hemorrhoids can proceed in different forms. Depending on where the knots are located, allocate hemorrhoids external, internal and combined. All these forms are equally common, delivered to the patient a lot of discomfort.

The disease has been well studied, and in the modern medical literature contains enough information how to manifested the external hemorrhoids and how to treat this pathology.

Characteristic for external hemorrhoids is that the knots are located always outside around the anus and without exacerbation absolutely not bother man. They may have different sizes and formed by extending and hemorrhoidal plexus, which is normally located under the skin of the perineum near the anus.

What causes this disease? What are the symptoms it is manifested? And how to get rid of external hemorrhoids?

What are the causes of external hemorrhoids?

To the formation of external hemorrhoids predisposes congenital weakness of the venous wall, however protrude knots only under certain conditions:

If a person moves a little, but mostly sits or stands. If there is a problem with a stools, trouble with constipation, and defecation is accompanied by long waiting or straining. If a person is forced by type of activity to lift weights, or engaged in power sports. If the patient’s favorite food – meat dishes flavored with a good dose of hot spices and alcohol. In women often arises external hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after birth, especially repeated.

Under the action of all these factors, overflow occurs veins of the pelvis and perineum of blood, that the weakness of the vein wall leads to its stretching and protrusion, that is, to the formation of knots, and can be formed as external hemorrhoids and the internal simultaneously.

What are the symptoms external hemorrhoids?

Often, the first symptoms of the disease appear even before the significant increase of knots:

Itching and discomfort in the anal area. If herewith to comb the skin, there arises yet irritation. Traces of blood on the toilet paper. Bleedings is usually not characteristic for external hemorrhoids, especially if the knots of small size. But with their increasing dense stool can injure the skin with the release of a small amount of blood. In addition, when there are external hemorrhoids – bleeding at a defecation can arise from anal fissures, that often accompany this form of the disease. In the event of aggravation, when the knots are inflamed, swell, appears one more symptom – the pain during stool, but in a calm state, with remission of this symptom is not. And, of course, bumps around the anus, which can have different sizes, and which the patient gropes fingers. As a rule, external hemorrhoids – symptoms which are not so are numerous – begins to disturb human at an exacerbation of the disease and in remission no specific complaints.

Complications of external hemorrhoids

Sometimes external hemorrhoids can be complicated by thrombosis of the knot. In this case appears typical clinic with acute symptoms. Therefore thrombosed external hemorrhoids attributed to the acute forms of the disease.

Thrombosis unit develops through prolonged of stagnation of blood, which leads to its condensation and the thrombus formation. A blood clot inside knot expands causing severe pain, aggravated by movement, coughing, sneezing.

The knot itself with a bluish color, edematous, tense and sharply painful when touched. Acute external hemorrhoids may be accompanied by inflammation. Then, on a background of intense pain in humans raises of temperature, and local redness of the skin appears around the knot, and soft tissue swelling.

If the inflammation extends to the subcutaneous tissue, then the redness and swelling captures all area of the perineum, and pains become more intense and felt not only in the knot itself, but also around it.

If in time and competently did not handle this situation, process may result in purulent paraproctitis or fistula adrectal formation. Therefore, thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment, especially with inflammation, should be initiated as early as possible.

The diagnosis of external hemorrhoids usually straightforward because the knots are located outside, and they can be seen even with a simple inspection of the anal area.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment are usually directed to ensure that remove the inflammation in the knot and remove associated with it edema and pain. Used for this purpose are different anti-hemorrhoidal drugs. External hemorrhoids treatment folk remedies can also be quite effective, but on condition that the knots are small, and no thrombosis.

In order to remedy to cure of external hemorrhoids had the desired action, it must be properly chosen according to with those processes that are taking place in the knot.

Local therapy can be carried out and candles and ointments. All modern anti-hemorrhoidal ointments and candles from external hemorrhoids include several components. First, there is some hormonal substance with powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and antipruritic effect. Secondly – a local anesthetic, which gives analgesic effect. And, thirdly, the component blood thinner and prevents thrombosis, or resorptional have already a blood clot. Most often, this substance is heparin.

Some suppositories and liniments contain other components, for example, accelerating the healing process and has an antibacterial effect. Simply apply ointment on the external knots, therefore preference is given it her rather than suppositories.

If there is no thrombosis of knot possibly external hemorrhoid treatment at home. Of folk remedies are used steam and hip baths, natural-based ointments and various lotions. Hip baths can be done with cold water, with hot water and anti-inflammatory herbal concoctions (chamomile, calendula, series), propolis, garlic, onion skins. No less popular and such folk remedies for external hemorrhoids as steam baths onion and garlic, as well as bath with alum

If arises a thrombosed external hemorrhoid – treatment should be started immediately, and treat should only proctologist. Pursuing a self-medication, especially folk remedies, you can lose valuable time, that is fraught with serious consequences. Because any natural cure for external hemorrhoids acts more gently and not so fast as pharmaceuticals, and thrombosis knot, especially with inflammation, every minute counts.

In addition to local means when external hemorrhoid thrombosing – treatment may include the ingestion of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and and venotonic medications. In addition, there are anti-inflammatory drugs of natural origin, the ingredients of which are natural and have vegetable nature. One of these drugs – Venapro, is the most efficient of its kind. It includes witch hazel, horse chestnut, st.mary ’s thistle, krameria mapato, arnica montana, fluoride of lime. Furthermore that the drug very is effective against external hemorrhoids, especially in the early stages of the disease, its merits can be attributed more ease of use (available as tablets and spray), and the harmlessness of its components can take it during pregnancy and during breast-feeding her baby.

If the spent therapy when the patient’s condition does not improve or, on the contrary is compounded resort to knot dissection and removal of the thrombus. It is therefore very important that the patient, who appeared thrombosed external hemorrhoid, treatment received under the supervision of a doctor. This allows enough time to apply radical measures and avoid serious consequences.

Generally, when in a patient is external hemorrhoids – treatment methods envisage only two approaches – conservative and surgical, with removal of external hemorrhoids is made in the case, when conservative measures fail, and the aggravation is saved practically constant.

Extra care must external hemorrhoids treatment during pregnancy, and in fact need to remove symptoms, and the child no harm. Therefore all means as medicinal as well as folk can recommend a doctor. This condition must respected in the event that, when there is external hemorrhoids after childbirth, and a woman is breastfeeding.

How to thrombosed external hemorrhoid treat once and for all? You can remove already formed knots. But if a person’s life are all the precipitating factors, then after a time in another place will be new. So the main thing condition, which will help to prevent both internal and external hemorrhoids – is a lifestyle change and parting with the habits and the factors that lead to disease.

If you want to know what it looks like external hemorrhoids, on the our website has a page with photos of the disease. There you will see different pictures of external hemorrhoids. Some of them will help you understand what is uncomplicated external hemorrhoids and photos of thrombosed and inflamed knots will provide insight on how to appear complications of the disease.