Corrective Underwear Abdomen and Waist

Corrective underwear abdomen and waistCorrective underwear – is clothing for women, which hides figure flaws. More often than not buy it because of the extra weight. Corrective underwear hides fat folds, reduce the number of waist circumference, to give a figure more slender look. Some manufacturers of such clothing argue that it promotes weight loss or getting rid of cellulite, which is not true.

Linen can be of different types, depending on the problem area, where it will be used.

To improve the appearance of the abdomen is the best choice corsets, kombidressy, shorts with a high waist.

The main mechanism of action of corrective underwear abdomen and waist – is concealing folds of fat and improve body contours. Some unscrupulous manufacturers also indicate in the advertisement that the clothes by nanotechnology or massage promotes weight loss and improvement of women. It is not true.

Benefits of using corrective underwear, compared with the actual weight loss:

  • Immediate effect – it does not need to wait for weeks or months;
  • You can quickly improve the figure before the holiday, corporate, date or an important business meeting.

The disadvantages of using corrective underwear:

  • There is no improvement of health;
  • There is no significant change in body contours – the effect is very moderate;
  • Uncomfortable to wear – underwear compresses the body.

The correct choice of corrective underwear – this is very important as picking the wrong size, you can not improve, but on the contrary, visually impair the figure. Apart from the size, you should pay attention to:

  • Fabric – Linen has slimming properties, and it should not lose elasticity after a few days of use;
  • An inner layer – underwear should be comfortable to wear, not to provoke sweating, do not rub the skin;
  • The thickness of the fabric – do not buy the warm summer corrective underwear;
  • The degree of tightening – if necessary, buy rigid correction underwear corset with black inserts and a silicone impregnation;
  • Absence of seams, which can be seen under clothing.

Note that corrective underwear vendors often provide unreasonable promises about the results of its use. In particular, it is often argued that visually you reduce 2 sizes. That’s not true, this effect is not possible. Reducing waist circumference will be minimal. The main purpose of corrective underwear – it is smoothing the contours of the body, rather than contraction.

It is not necessary to wear a corrective underwear abdomen and waist during pregnancy, damaged or rash on the skin at the site of the alleged contact with the tissue. It should not be too zealous in the use of such clothing. No need to wear it for too long and too often – it can negatively affect the skin condition. Exerting pressure on the body, corrective underwear thereby impairs blood circulation and may eventually worsen the appearance of cellulite.

Corrective underwear is designed to improve the appearance of women. It hides the fat folds, smoothing the contours of the body. This significant reduction in waist circumference does not occur. Shaping lingerie gives a temporary result. It can not be an alternative to weight loss and is not conducive to it. The clothes should be taken only in size. If it is less or more than you need, you can worsen rather than improve the appearance of the figure.

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