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Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Constipation and hemorrhoidsChronic constipation and hemorrhoids, is the most frequent combination, and related hemorrhoids condition. Sometimes impossible to determine the priority of hemorrhoids and constipation secondary and vice versa. Hemorrhoids without constipation is rare, while those suffering from chronic constipation, almost without exception, noted bleeding during bowel movements, pain, itching in the anus and in the long history, prolapsed hemorrhoids.

If the hemorrhoids in a certain number of cases can occur quite early in young adults (usually a family history of hereditary), the constipation often develop later in connection with chronic jetlag nutrition and diets desired composition. Constipation greatly exacerbate the development of hemorrhoids, accelerate the emergence of its clinical manifestations. The complaints are typical of hemorrhoids, there are patients, usually after a period of difficulty chair, and one of the biggest complaints – constipation themselves. Thus, the struggle with constipation at any stage of manifestation of hemorrhoids and even before any of its manifestations in patients with identified during routine inspections hemorrhoid symptoms (asymptomatic stage) is the most important conservative measure of prevention and treatment of this disease.

Unfortunately, some of the doctors to whom falls sick hemorrhoids, do not pay sufficient attention to the treatment of constipation in this population, which largely negates the efforts of conservative therapy and have a negative impact on the outcomes of operations for hemorrhoids. With all of the many facilities offered by the treatment of hemorrhoids, including the application of sclerosing injections and surgical interventions, relapse is likely unless the patient will or encounter constipation. So treat constipation in patients with hemorrhoids is necessary, regardless of the underlying cause.