Choosing a Anti Stretch Marks Cream After Giving Birth

anti stretch mark cream, stretch marks, choose, pregnancy, childbirth, anti stretch creamCongratulations! You became my mother and one of the most difficult stage of your life – pregnancy – over. Unfortunately, stretch marks on the body remained. We advise you not to delay and as soon as possible to remove them.

Of course, now difficult times – in the hands of your newborn, you’re tired, exhausted, and now need to find the time and energy to fight stretch marks.

Not all that bad. In fact, all it did not take much of your time. In general, you should not take this as a “war” against stretch marks. The procedures can be used as the rare moments of relaxation when you are busy only themselves. This is a great opportunity to catch your breath in the hectic first few months after childbirth.

Well, if during pregnancy you have followed our advice and engaged in the prevention of stretch marks. But even if they could not avoid, get rid of them after delivery possible.

Of course, the list of steps for the elimination of stretch marks is not limited by the choice of the best anti stretch mark cream. But in other ways to get rid of them you can find in other sections of the site! Now we will focus on how to choose the right cream for stretch marks after giving birth.

How to choose a best anti stretch marks creams

Let us examine what requirements need regulations for stretch marks which you intend to use after pregnancy. There is enough pitfalls.

Firstly, if you are breast-feeding a baby, and stretch marks have appeared in this area, the cream should be safe for a newborn. And it must be harmless both in body contact and do not cause allergies in children who drink milk mom.

For the same reason, most likely, will not work with a strong and cream (or) a pungent odor. Therefore, selecting the best anti stretch mark cream, first find out whether it is hypoallergenic and does not have a strong flavor.

Best of all, even without purchasing the anti stretch mark creams, to hold the sample. Find a store where there is the presence of probes. Well if they give out for free, but in a pinch, and you can buy. Much offensive would happen if you chose an expensive means of allergy. Spread the anti stretch mark cream on the skin site. If during the day is no allergic reaction has not appeared – that this cream is safe for you.

The next item – the cream should be suitable for the time of use. There are anti stretch mark creams that can be used immediately after birth. And there are those that are recommended to apply to the skin a few months after birth. Note that. Mix funds. Start with one that is safe to use immediately after birth and go on a more serious money later. Of course it would be better if the cream will be the same make and brand.

Choose a cream for a specific type of stretch marks. If you have any stretch marks on thighs, do not try to eliminate them with a cream designed to combat stretch marks on the abdomen. Pay attention to the fact against any problem areas focused cream.

If you have stretch marks in several places, each zone may need your vehicle. In this case, too, it is desirable to use products of one brand.

Deciphering the composition cream

And now try to understand the composition of selected tools and understand the role played by each of the components. And that should be present in a good anti stretch marks creams.

  • Retinol. This ingredient has to be in each of the anti stretch marks cream after giving birth. It is responsible for the regeneration and constant hydration of your skin.
  • Collagen and elastin. Protein molecules directly responsible for the elasticity of the skin and its renewal. That decrease in their development as a result of hormonal changes and often leads to stretch marks.
  • Jojoba oil and Shea. These two components significantly improves blood circulation in the skin. They can be found in almost any means of best anti stretch marks or cellulite cream.
  • Essential oils. Various different oils for the skin, but they improve the total weight of the metabolism in the skin and increase the elasticity.
  • Vitamins and amino acids. Prerequisites that feed the skin and promote the rapid regeneration.

List of different means of stretching with reviews, features description, composition and other important data can be found in the section Means against stretch marks.

How to use a anti stretch marks cream

A few tips on proper use of anti stretch mark cream.

Firstly, the cream should be applied to clean and dry skin. If you take a shower or bath, before it should be carefully wipe. In general, the adoption of water treatments (eg, contrast shower) before applying the best anti stretch mark creams after giving birth, if not necessary, it is desirable.

Typically, the cream is applied twice a day – morning and evening. The second time the application is best to plan before you go to bed.

Third, just before rubbing, the skin is better “warm” light massage. This promotes better wicking agent components and increases their efficacy.

The cream is applied in a circular massage until completely absorbed.

Additional ways to deal with stretch marks

As we wrote above, other ways of dealing with stretch marks after giving birth you can find in the relevant sections of the site. Yet, briefly enumerate what other steps to take if you seriously want to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Massage areas with stretch marks. This procedure is best done using a chosen using the tips in this article means.

Contrast showers and swimming. This practice is great affect on the skin. It helps strengthen blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue and make the skin more elastic.

Physical exercises. One of the main ways to get rid of stretch marks. Exercising helps your muscles to keep the skin toned and helps to regenerate tissue in it.

The use of essential oils as a massage, and special baths. We have a special article on the application of essential oils pregnant. It must be remembered that this method has contraindications.

To consume the necessary amount of water. Often, problems with the skin and the appearance of stretch marks due to the low water content in the body. The skin becomes more fragile and prone to damage. And most importantly – the water out of the body and subcutaneous tissue hazardous substances.

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