Belly Massage for Weight Loss

belly massage for weight loss at homeMassage – a method that has long been in service with the conventional medicine. It is approved by the Ministry of Health, and is used to treat a huge number of diseases. Of course, as an auxiliary method of therapy. Massage is used in virtually all areas of medicine. He is firmly entrenched in our lives, and probably in the world there is not one person who would never lay on a massage table.

The effectiveness of massage

The effectiveness of massage has long been proved. It can help you improve the condition of the patient, regardless of the disease, which he suffers. However, the inability of the placebo-controlled studies leaves some doubt as to the mechanism of its effects. Which factor plays the most important role: the psychological or physiological? What makes a person feel relieved: relaxation and faith in the healing power of massage or mechanical effect on the soft tissues of the body?

This question remains open for the time being. We are interested in, whether it is possible with the help of abdominal massage to lose at least a few kilograms? Agree, it would be great: no need to starve, no strain, just lie down on the table, belly up, and wait for someone skilled hands make short work of your fat. Is it possible? Let’s deal.

All the effects of the massage can be divided into psychological and physiological. The first is certainly very useful, but are unlikely to have a specific and predictable effect on the weight of your body. Therefore, it makes no sense to consider them, go directly to the physiological. We will not engage in speculation, use a pseudo-data, for example, on energy currents – too. That’s the impact on the human body has a significantly abdominal massage:

  • Warms the skin due to emitted as a result of mechanical friction heat;
  • Stimulates the microcirculation of the skin by heating;
  • It stimulates the flow of lymph and venous blood due to mechanical compression of blood vessels;
  • Relaxes the muscles by mechanical action on them, as well as enhance blood flow.

Belly massage and weight loss

Which of these mechanisms, in your opinion, can contribute to weight loss? Let’s look at them all in turn.

Obviously, warm skin of the abdomen can not dissolve fat. It does not melt like wax, so the effect of massage is unlikely to reduce the weight of your body. Judge for yourself if the increase in skin temperature contribute to weight loss, for the acquisition of a slim figure you would rather stick a couple of yellow cards in the stomach, or heat it with an ordinary table lamp. From the sea, everything is back to not only rested, but also slim, because the fat left on the beach not only the stomach, but also from the entire body.

The skin temperature increases by touching hand massage, so the blood vessels dilate to give away excess heat. This is one of the mechanisms of thermoregulation, protects the body from overheating. Due to dilation of small blood vessels nutrition improves soft tissues, primarily the skin. Does this mean that fat belly will start to leave? No, otherwise all alcoholics with red faces would not wear belly in his hands, and would look more slender birch. Medicines from the group of proofreaders microcirculation, led by pentoxifylline, have themselves become popular drugs for weight loss.

This effect helps to eliminate stagnant lymph and venous blood. Thus, the massage display allows the liquid that has accumulated in the soft tissues. Perhaps it is this feature made people consider massage as a regular method of losing weight. Firstly, with the fluid leaves the body weight, that causes a person to believe that massage helped him to break down fat. Second, visually stomach becomes more flat. This is due to improvement of the skin and removal of liquid. Third, the possible reduction in waist circumference, again, due to the removal of edema.

At the young age of these effects may not occur at all, or to be mild, but after 40 years, when the body breaks down the balance of hormones, a change in metabolism, fluid accumulates more actively. Accordingly, massage is more effective way to reduce body weight. Of course, the effect of massage is very useful for the figure. But make no mistake, the fat remains in place, leaving only water.

Surprisingly, making the opposite action, a lot of people waiting to get on the output a result. Shaking the press, they are straining the abdominal muscles, hoping to lose weight. Visiting massage people relax the same muscle groups, waiting for an identical effect – weight loss. So what still needs to be done with the muscles? Perhaps, after all, cut, and as often as possible. If muscle relaxation accompanied by weight loss, people have lost weight during the holidays. To enhance the effect, he tried to muscle relaxants and antispasmodics – drugs that reduce muscle tone.

Lose weight with the help of belly massage can be in only one case: if you are doing it yourself. And preferably more than once per day. Massage takes away a lot of strength and energy, so you’ll save calories, and with them – the extra weight. But lying on the table and making the masseur knead your stomach, you just get rid of the money that paid for his services. Of excess weight – is unlikely.

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