At the age of 40 and 70 years for men there is a change in the male sex glands. Reduced their main function is to develop male sex hormone androgen. High center of the regulation of male reproductive glands (testes) loses its sensitivity to testosterone in the testes degenerative changes occur.

Male menopause is a normal physiological process of aging, if it is not accompanied by complaints and clinical manifestations. If the male menopause occurs before 45 years of age, he is considered an early, if after 60 years later. If there are complaints, and changes in the cardiovascular and urogenital systems, menopause is abnormal. This condition is necessarily accompanied by, and neurotic disorders.

The reasons

The primary cause of menopause is the general aging of the body. However, menopause can cause inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (orchitis and epididymitis, orchiepididymitis), testicular tumors, testicular circulatory problems, radiation (ionizing radiation), the effect of toxic substances, alcohol, surgical castration for any medical condition.

The symptoms of menopause in men

Possible manifestations of menopause include palpitations, “tides” with redness of the face, hands, dizziness, which occur frequently and are more severe in the psycho-emotional and physical stress. In some cases, there are differences in blood pressure that may lead to the development of hypertension.

Up to 90% of men say the violation and decreased sex drive (libido), erectile dysfunction (the potency may be reduced gradually), some men are accelerated ejaculation and a shortening of the duration of sexual intercourse, thus, as a rule, the decline of sexual function is accompanied by severe emotional experiences. Reduced semen volume and sperm count.

Because of violations of production of male hormones can change the look of man: there is laxity of the skin and muscles, is the deposition of fat in the buttocks and thighs, may increase the breast (gynecomastia).

Severity of symptoms varies. Duration of menopause is between 2 to 5 years.

What you can do?

If you notice at any of the above symptoms and feel that you have started menopause, be sure to consult a doctor. You must lead a healthy lifestyle rather relax, spend time outdoors and moving. Follow the diet and their weight.

What can a doctor?

The physician must conduct a survey to establish the cause of your poor health. In some cases it will be assigned additional studies (including ultrasound prostate blood test for prostate-specific antigen). Treatment of male menopause is complex. Your doctor will recommend the right diet, mode of motor loads, if necessary, prescribe medication (including sedatives or antidepressants, hormone therapy, biogenic adaptogens).

Some studies show that male menopause worsens ischemic heart disease (increased likelihood of heart attacks and strokes), decreases immunity, and is an additional factor predisposing to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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