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Male Infertility


Infertility doctors call the impossibility to get a pair of offspring for one year without the use of contraceptive methods. Causes of infertile marriages varied. Traditionally, the lack of children in a family associated with the problems of the woman. But this is not the case. Infertility occurs on average 10% of cases, with the various statistics on the proportion of male infertility accounts for 30 to 55% of infertile marriages.

The reasons

The reasons that lead to male infertility include congenital defects and genetic disorders, anatomical and physiological changes in reproductive organs, hormonal disorders (which can lead to a breach of the formation of normal, viable and motile sperm), trauma genital (scrotum) and pelvic surgery inguinal hernia, hydrocele, and the spermatic cord. Acute and chronic stress can lead to temporary hormonal disorders that lead to infertility. Do not forget about the bad working conditions and environmental factors (ionizing radiation, work in conditions of hyperthermia, the chemical industry).

For urological causes of male infertility can be attributed, and chronic inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system. In these studies, in recent years chronic prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate, occurring in 40-60% of adult men) had a very negative impact on the quality of sperm and could become one of the causes of infertility.

Obstruction of the vas deferens can also cause male infertility.

Leads to serious problems in men and the presence of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, disorders of lipid metabolism.

Alcoholism is a serious problem in Russia. Alcohol has devastating effects on human health and psyche. Under the influence of alcohol interferes with the normal work of the testicles. Sperm count may not change, but lost their motility and viability.

Increasing the number of infertile men and is associated with an increase in the number of people with diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. And this is a direct consequence of promiscuity, it is very common among middle-aged and young people and even teenagers.

The virus that causes mumps and mumps, affects various glands of the body. First of all, inflamed salivary glands, but sometimes the boys get involved in the process of the testicles. With a very strong inflammatory process and the lack of proper treatment can significantly impaired function of the testicles that can lead to infertility in adulthood.

What you can do?

If within one year during intercourse, neither you nor your partner is not using any method of contraception, and pregnancy does not occur - you both need to see a doctor.
Should exclude all damaging factors (alcohol, use of various drugs), chronic and acute stress.
Proper nutrition, maintaining a normal weight, sufficient physical activity (but not excessive!) Is also very important.

You must comply with all requirements of a doctor.

Remember, infertility treatment - it is a long process. Fortunately, modern medicine knows a lot of methods for solving this problem.

What can a doctor?

The physician must carefully ask you about past illnesses and injuries, prescribe the necessary research (including the purpose of diagnosing indolent inflammatory diseases of the urethra and prostate, the definition of hormonal status), ultrasound, determination of sperm antibodies, postcoital test. Then the doctor will prescribe the appropriate therapy, which primarily will involve treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. If necessary, hold the stimulation of spermatogenesis. In the absence of pregnancy can be done with sperm insemination partner (on a background of drug stimulation) for 3-4 cycles, and the ineffectiveness of the procedure - in vitro fertilization.

Prevention of male infertility

Remember that you should regularly consult a doctor and undergo preventive examinations (clinical examination). Timely diagnosis and treatment is carried out will save a lot of problems in the future.

Boys in childhood, it is necessary to show the surgeon to exclude or establish a time cryptorchidism (undescended testicle).

If you suspect an infection, sexually transmitted infections, prostatitis, or should seek medical advice immediately and carry out a full course of therapy to cure.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well. Do not smoke or abuse alcohol.