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Chronic Urinary Tract Infection


Chronic diseases of the urinary tract, usually the result of acute infections.

The causes of chronic inflammation may be the following:

- Improper treatment of acute pyelonephritis, cystitis and other acute infections of the urinary tract, the appointment of ineffective antibiotics, insufficient duration of treatment;
- The presence of urinary tract diseases that are accompanied by the outflow of urine and contribute to the chronicity of the process (urolithiasis, narrowing of the urinary tract, prostate adenoma in men);
- The presence of chronic diseases of other organs and systems that facilitate the flow of various infections (diabetes, obesity, blood disorders, gastro-intestinal tract, etc.);
- Lack of hygiene.

Exacerbation disease may be triggered by various factors, such as acute infectious diseases of other organs, which weaken the body's defenses (influenza, SARS, sore throat, sinusitis, otitis).

In the absence of treatment of chronic urinary tract infections lead to renal failure.


Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis and cystitis long. Rates prescribed in exacerbations of antibiotics for a period of several weeks. Then, a second course of antibiotic therapy, the frequency is determined by the course of the inflammatory process in patients individually. In the intervals prescribed courses of diuretics, cranberry juice, methionine. If the patient has abnormalities of the kidneys, urinary tract surgery is sometimes required. In children, such treatment must be performed as soon as possible to save most of the renal tissue.

Patients with chronic diseases of the urinary tract showed a regular spa treatment.


Prophylaxis for patients who have Urinary tract infections occur more frequently than two times in six months. Prevention includes regular use of antibacterial and diuretic drugs on the scheme, which is prescribed by the physician. Prevention begins after a full course of treatment and elimination of bacteriuria.

Drug prophylaxis is recommended as the men with chronic prostatitis and women who have a urinary tract infection provokes a sexual act. In this case, it is desirable to take medication immediately after sexual intercourse. Prevention issues should be discussed with your doctor. Remember that the uncontrolled use of antibiotics contributes to the formation of a treatment-resistant strains of bacteria and makes subsequent treatment more difficult.