What is balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis?

Balanitis – is inflammation on the skin of the glans penis, usually occurs in parallel with the development of the inflammatory process and the inner layer of the prepuce (foreskin – a fold of skin covering the glans penis) with the formation of balanoposthitis, that is inflammation of the head and at the flesh.

Phimosis – the impossibility of exposure of the glans. Only 4% of newborn boys, the foreskin is so mobile, so that all could open the head of the penis. At the age of 6 months of the glans penis is opened in 20% of boys, aged 3 years, the foreskin moves well and allows you to expose the head of the penis in 90% of boys.

Causes of balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis

– Violation of hygienic measures.
– Trauma genitals.
– Chemical irritation when attempting self-treatment.
– Mechanical trauma underwear.
– Predisposing factors for disease development are:

– Permanent or temporary lack of hygiene.
– Allocation of sweat and sebaceous glands, urethral discharge (mucous urethral discharge), desquamated epithelium, a drop of urine salt crystals form smegma – a cheesy mass, which is collected in the prepuce non-compliance with genital hygiene, violates a protective function of the skin and is the perfect food for microbes.

Phimosis can cause balanoposthitis. When phimosis glans penis do not open or opens with difficulty, making it difficult to conduct hygienic measures.
The thinnest skin of the male is at the head of the penis and the inner layer of the foreskin. High probability of mechanical trauma of the skin head and foreskin underwear while driving.

The causes of phimosis

Injury to the penis, resulting in the possible formation of scar tissue, leading to a narrowing of the foreskin (the so-called cicatricial phimosis). Inflammation of the foreskin (balanoposthitis), which also leads to scarring and phimosis.

Genetic predisposition to the formation of phimosis due to failure of the connective tissue in the body, particularly its elastic components.

Manifestations of balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis

In children, there is redness and swelling of the foreskin of the penis increase in volume, sometimes pain, stinging, burning sensation when urinating, itching, discomfort, discharge from the penis, white cheesy discharge or deposit with Candida balanoposthitis, difficulty and pain when laid bare the glans member, there is pain or discomfort in the head during intercourse.

In balanoposthitis allocation becomes much more abundant. And, as a rule, parents say that the pus comes out of the penis!

In adults, in some cases may suffer from a common condition – there is a weakness, slightly increased body temperature. Due to the constant irritation of the glans penis, which is the primary erogenous zone in patients with balanoposthitis increased arousal.

The main symptom of phimosis inability to launch the glans penis. Complaints may be absent, however, expressed phimosis there are complaints on the violation of urination. During voiding the child concerned, straining. Urine entering the preputial cavity, inflating it and go through the narrowed opening or a thin stream of droplets.

Complications of balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis

The inflammatory process of the glans penis can go on the urethra, that is, lead to urinary tract infection.

Often, an inflammation of the foreskin leads to the formation of cicatricial phimosis.
Long-term inflammation of the current at the head of the penis can lead to atrophy of the receptor system and to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis. With the result that may affect the potency and quality of sexual life.

If untreated, some time at the head of the penis there are numerous small ulcers (peptic form of balanoposthitis) that cause pain when walking, urination and sexual intercourse.

Oslozhneniemya phimosis can be balanoposthitis, paraphimosis. Paraphimosis is a denial of the glans penis constricted foreskin. As a rule, paraphimosis occurs when trying to uncover the head, during intercourse or masturbation. Infringement leads to swelling of the head that at some stage, making it impossible to reverse reduction. The head is blue and sharply painful. Paraphimosis is an emergency condition requiring immediate intervention.

What can your doctor?

Your doctor will determine if the inspection area and the prevalence of lesions, and prescribe appropriate treatment. In the case of phimosis doctor will prescribe the amount and timing of surgical treatment for it.

The first thing to observe hygienic measures. Recommend washing the glans penis and foreskin several times a day to remove smegma and inflammatory secretions. At the same time produce a better wash gently with soap hands.

Daily change of underwear.

If you can not strip the head of the penis to make the bath solution (frc, a decoction of camomile, succession, with a weak solution of potassium permanganate) for 15-20 minutes 4-6 times a day.

It does not make sense to use antibiotics to treat balanoposthitis. Antiseptics are much more efficient use of local and there are no complications. In more severe cases, one has to resort to a course of antibiotic therapy.

If the disease is caused by phimosis, you will need surgery. In the acute phase of inflammation carried out minimal intervention – a longitudinal slit of the foreskin, and after decrease in the severity of the process is subjected to the circular foreskin excision (surgery circumcision).

What can you do?

With the emergence of the symptoms described above should consult your doctor for advice for the beginning of treatment to avoid complications.

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