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Dysfunction Syndrome Temporomandibular Joint


Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) is a pair and attaches the lower jaw to the skull. At this joint lies an enormous burden not only associated with the process of chewing, but with speech, mimic facial movements, etc. For various reasons, can develop dysfunction of the ANS, which leads to damage, inflammation, pain and other disorders. Such changes are widespread and occur in 515% of the population.

Causes of TMJ disorders

- Various nerve irritation, stress;
- Bruxism (teeth grinding during sleep due to hypertonus chewing muscles);
- Arthritis, arthrosis and other joint diseases;
- Malocclusion;
- TMJ injury;
- Errors of dentists, for example, an incorrect statement of the seal or not competent selection of a denture;
- Excessive exercise in practicing athletic sports.

Symptoms of TMJ

- Pain in the temporo-mandibular joint;
- Aching pain in the ear;
- Limitation of joint mobility;
- Clicking or grinding noises when opening mouth or chewing;
- Pain and tension in the muscles of the head and neck, the occurrence of seals in the course of the muscles, painful on pressure;
- headache (apparently associated with a constant voltage of muscles that hold the lower jaw).

Diagnosis of TMJ

The main problem dysfunction syndrome temporomandibular joint is a late diagnosis. Few people will think that the complaints of headaches or muscle tension necks should go to the dentist. So, if you notice at any of these symptoms, try looking to the dentist, surgeon, or podiatrist. For the diagnosis of temporo-mandibular joint syndrome using X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging, arthroscopy.


Treatment of temporo-mandibular joint disorders are usually involved with the dentist and orthopedic surgeon. The tactics of treatment will vary depending on the cause of the condition: bite correction, rejection of bad habits, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery. In the arsenal of physicians have accumulated a sufficient number of methods of diagnosis and treatment of TMJ syndrome. The main thing is that the patient came to the right doctor.