What is SCS?

Glucocorticosteroids (GCS) is a substance similar to natural steroid hormone that produces the body. Their use reduces pain, redness and swelling in the joints and surrounding tissues.

Valium is prescribed both internally and by injection.

For intra-articular injection uses special drugs whose action is long enough. GCS gradually begin to operate for 24 hours, the positive effect may persist for days or even months.

When the injections of corticosteroids?

The course of intra-articular injections of corticosteroids (as well as any other treatment of arthritis), appoint a doctor. In this case it takes into account the severity of condition, the effectiveness of the combined treatment, the patient social situation.

As a rule, the need for the appointment of such injection occurs in the following cases:

– When the pain in the joint or surrounding tissue associated with inflammation, a very strong;
– If the inflammation has affected only a few joints;
– If the pain in the joints greatly reduces the mobility of;
– If other medications for any reason can not be used;
– Local anesthesia can also be used concurrently with corticosteroids. Her conduct reduces the pain, the effect lasts for 3-4 hours until the SCS does not take effect.

How often inject corticosteroids?

The issue in each individual case decides the doctor.

What are the advantages of injectable corticosteroids?

– Pain and swelling are quickly;
– Increased joint mobility and activity of the patient;
– Often, after injection of the severity of pain decreased, and the need for other medications significantly reduced;
– They can be used in combination with other treatments, such as physical therapy.

The procedure of injection

The procedure of injection into the joint is similar to injection into soft tissue. Before an injection using a separate syringe to remove excess fluid from the joint. The doctor can then examine this fluid and send it to a lab for analysis.

Side effects

Since corticosteroids are injected directly into the inflamed area, a very small amount of the drug enters the bloodstream and has effects on other organs and tissues of the body, especially when compared with the GCS administration. Due to this fact, injections side effects of corticosteroids are minimal.

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