The lower part of the femur and upper tibia (shinbone) and, if necessary, part of the patella, replace dentures. As a rule, part of the joint adjacent to the femur, is made of a metal alloy of the joint adjacent to the tibia bone, metal and high-strength plastic, part, replacement knee cap, made of plastic.

How long is a prosthesis?

Approximately 85-95% of installed artificial limbs are more than 10 years. The most common problem is the weakening of the joint, which causes some can be a great weight, and excessive activity. The prosthesis may be subject to change. However, please note that the results of the second operation is worse than the first, and the risk of complications is much higher.

What happens after surgery?

During the first days after surgery, a program of exercises to strengthen muscles and restore strength and range of motion in the new joint. Strictly following the developed program, the patient begins to walk, slowly loading operated leg. Training program should comply strictly with, and after returning home.


– Strictly follow all instructions from the doctor to use crutches or a cane in order to avoid excessive stress on the joint to full strength of muscles and ligaments surrounding the prosthesis.
– Remember that your denture is designed to work as normal loads required for normal life, but not for sport.
– Each time you tell a medical doctor if you have a prosthesis.

Immediately contact a doctor if the pain increases in the joint, there is swelling, there is pain in the chest, shortness of breath or any other symptoms that cause you can not explain.

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