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How to Deal With Stress

- Limit alcohol intake, smoking, try to stick to a healthy diet.
- Remember that exercise is great to help relieve stress and get rid of stress.
- Water and relaxing treatments (sauna, swimming, spa treatments, massage) for many people, are an effective way to deal with stress.
- Make sure you get enough sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation exacerbates stress, anxiety and other psychological problems.
- You can well try to learn some relaxation techniques: yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Some of them you can apply even during a break at work.
- Try to determine what situation you are the most stressful and try whenever possible to avoid them. For example, if you have a very annoying traffic jams, go to public transportation, or try to change the schedule.
- Set yourself realistic goals, do not take on yourself more than you can do. Give yourself small and feasible task to execute them come up with a small fee (eg, pleasant shopping or a cup of coffee and cake).
- Learn to say a firm "no".
- Learn to organize and manage your time. Be sure to select the time for rest, for their favorite activities, hobbies.
- Spend at least a few hours (eg weekends) per week in the open air. The sun and fresh air beautiful antidepressants.
- Bright colors (orange, green) have an anti-stress effect. Try to make a bright color spots in the workplace and home decor.
- Some scents are also able to improve mood, promote relaxation or, alternatively, cheerful and energetic state. Pick up for a pleasant smell in the morning (an invigorating and fresh) and evening (a gentle and soothing.)
- If you tend to blame themselves, and generally underestimate the self-esteem engage in self-flagellation, perform the following operation. Sit quietly and think, then write down on paper all of your dignity, all the important and good things that you did all the difficult tasks that have coped. Carry it with you, hang on the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror so you will gradually begin to believe in themselves and their strength.