Autism – a violation of psychological development, characterized by disorders of speech and motor skills, activities and stereotyped behaviors that lead to violations of social interaction. Autism may be a result of the disintegration processes of brain development before birth. Autism is strongly influenced by the earlier development of the child, and the consequences of this influence is usually reflected in the life of man. Medical tests, you can use to diagnose autism does not exist. Diagnosis is based on observation of how the child behaves as communicating with others. Depending on the severity of the manifestations of autism can be both mild and severe.
We are in such children is growing slowly, the child can use gestures instead of words, or words to give an incorrect value. They are not interested in making friends. Preferring to spend time alone, they do not play with other children. Often they do not respond to a smile. In this disease the person may repeat any action or words several times.

And in children and adults usually have other diseases such as sleep disorders, allergies, digestive disorders.

The causes of autism in children

The boys with autism develops in 3 – 4 times more often than girls. The cause of this disease is still not known. It appears that heredity plays an important role. If a family has a child with autism, the chances of the disease in the other child is 5-10%. Studies have not found any association of disease with vaccination of children.

Symptoms of Autism

Consult your doctor if you begin to notice your child has the following features:

– The child does not respond when his name was called;
– Can not explain what he wants;
– Experiencing a delay rate of speech development;
– Should not be any instructions for adults;
– Periodically appear hearing;
– Does not understand how to play with some toys;
– Bad establishes eye contact;
– Does not smile to others;
– Not babbling and coo at the age of 12 months;
– Does not make pointing gestures, not waving his hand, does not grasping or other movements in the 12 months of age;
– Does not say single words at 16 months;
– Does not say two-word phrases at 24 months;
– There is a loss of speech or social skills at any age.

Often the parents of these children is a feeling that the child lives in its own separate world.


Sometimes children with autism tend to self-destructive behaviors, which can manifest significant injuries on the body. In addition, these children are often elevated pain threshold, and the child may not respond to painful stimuli is sufficient.

What you can do?

Make sure the pediatrician carefully assess your child’s development. If you feel that your child has any symptoms of autism, the doctor should immediately check its status.

If autism is diagnosed, the child will designate treatment aimed at correcting an earlier process. Skills training and correction of violations should begin as soon as possible.
Children with autism is most easily adapted to engage and work in a highly organized environment.

What can your doctor?

There are various methods of correcting behavior. If treatment begins early in life, it can give a good effect. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy directed at the specific characteristics of the child. Special training corrects the child’s behavior and helps in the acquisition of various skills.

Sometimes you need medication, especially if you need to control behavior, where the typical patient self-torture.

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