No one system of the human body does not go to many legends, many of the gastro-intestinal tract. The reason is clear: stomach – the place is dark. One of the newest trends is as follows: for a long life in our intestines collects something like “scum” that should definitely be removed. Clear of these “toxins” – pseudo-stupid – you have to first of all head physicians are convinced.


In physiology is well known that release toxins are special excretory organs – kidney, intestine, sweat glands, lungs. With these systems in the body throughout life is quite successful in doing this, and no additional manipulation healthy people do not need.

How could arise assumption that the gut are covered with a layer of slag? It is known that on the day a person eats more than a kilogram of various foods, and weight chairs – only 100-200 grams. The question is: where else? The rest is absorbed and waste products excreted by the kidneys, sweat glands, and so on. So we have here especially to worry about.

Everyone knows that waste our life teeming with microbes. From this emerged saying that the intestines are literally swarmed by these microbes, which are accumulated to form a harmful layer that breaks the important processes.

In fact, if you examine the small intestine with an endoscope, is seen empty lumen. No raids and slag heaps there. Moreover, there is even a little microbes. In the colon, bacteria really are, but it is necessary microbes that produce biologically active substances that are involved in the final cleavage and even synthesize certain vitamins. The colon – not just a select body, and a full-body digestion.

If the colon microflora constantly flush enemas, then upset the delicate mechanism of regulation of the intestine.

Sick people – special conversation. In renal disease, cardiovascular system, liver metabolism products of incomplete delayed, resulting in a self-poisoning. In such cases, can actually be shown by the release of medical enema – what do patients with cirrhosis of the liver, which were originally made in patients with renal insufficiency (as long as the machine invented “artificial kidney”). Furthermore, there is a bowel disease, which is called “inert colon”: put simply, is formed fecal impaction. Pets are not coping methods, you need to consult a doctor and the hospital.

Strictly speaking, an enema – is a necessary medical procedure.

In hospitals make so-called high enema using douches mugs. Also there are special enema when they enter more than one mug, and more – all filled with five feet of the colon. Usually intestines freed before surgery or endoscopic studies before when there is the need to properly examine the entire colon.

Who can and who can not?

Despite the fact that the circle of douches familiar to everyone from childhood, it would be superfluous to know that in some cases it is simply forbidden to use it. In order to avoid dire consequences.

For example, a person sick stomach, and in order to get rid of the pain, he decided to enlist the help of an enema. In some cases this can cause bowel perforation, the water is poured into the abdominal cavity formed peritonitis (inflammation). You can not do an enema with “acute” abdomen: it can be a sign of appendicitis. Even if you feel bloating, better to suffer for the sake of reassurance and wait for the doctor: in the hospital, taking into account all the symptoms, if necessary, and you do an enema, and shot, and other treatments.
This is not to say that doing yourself an enema is prohibited. In the case of a single latch is not great sin, if you use an enema. Just do everything necessary to correct.


Dial 1.5-2 liters of tap water just below body temperature. Lie on your left side (rectum makes the first turn to the left). Water should be performed slowly without causing pain. The first occurrence of pain, stop the flow, wait out and reopen the hose. Once all the water is inside, must be like ten minutes. Two enemas are able to completely cleanse the colon.


It is normal chair three times a day to three times a week. More than three times a day – diarrhea, sometimes three times a week – constipation.
No doctor would offer the patient an enema when dealing with constipation. With no need to fight the disease with the help of an enema, and with the help of a comprehensive survey to find out the cause and take to resolve it. Systematic “water purification” harmful not only because it is washed microbial flora. They also violate the reflexes that are produced by a person over the years.

Nature provides that the rectum, filling, aims to get rid of their contents. When you do an enema, water is heavily bursting of the intestinal wall, and why there is an overwhelming desire to run to the toilet. Gut reaction to the enema is much stronger than a reflex. Therefore, if you are “addicted” to the enema, then soon a regular chair can forget.

Doctors familiar with a lot of patients that “friendship with enemas” led to the fact that the function of the colon is so faded that restore it was very difficult. In some cases, regain function was simply impossible, and it ended the operation of removal of the colon.

Failures in the intestines can occur for various reasons, including psychological. So, moving to a new place, a person can not go a few days in the toilet – it’s kind of a reaction to a change of circumstances. Remember also the pre-examination diarrhea – no one can stop locking means “bear’s disease” that can be cured only mark in the record book.

Gastroenterologists have to acquire knowledge not only in psychology, but also mental health. It is known, for example, that almost all of the patients of psychiatric hospitals suffer from constipation. And if you believe the teachings of Freud, then the fans enema – a special category of people who are not being treated for constipation (as it may seem to the uninitiated), and is currently the most sexual pleasure. The founder of psychoanalysis believed that every person goes through in his childhood “anal” stage of sexual development. Some are delayed at this stage.

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