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One of the most popular to date methods of surgical correction - sucking out the fat from the subcutaneous layer.

The oldest method - vacuum liposuction. Through small incisions the surgeon inserts under the skin of the special tools, subcutaneous fat is liquefied and then sucked through vacuum. Within two months after the surgery, the patient will wear special clothes, bandages.

With ultrasonic liposuction fat is destroyed by ultrasound. The method allows to remove a fairly large amount of fat, but causes thermal damage to the tissue. After his healing also quite slow and have to wear special clothes to a month.

Soft-lipmodel - modern design, the so-called "gentle lipomodelling". Fat destroyed by high currents and removed through tiny pinholes. You can go to work in two to three days after surgery.

In general, liposuction is used for clearing of "breeches", waist bags, sagging body bags on the abdomen and arms, double chin.