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Gold Thread

For those who are not too late to attend to skin aging, there are methods to "preserve" their own age.

Implantation of gold thread allows you to save and improve the appearance of facial skin (as well as the neck, abdomen, inner arms and thighs). Thanks to the precious strands can get rid of small wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, refresh the complexion, reduce stretch marks, prevent the appearance of cellulite. However, this method is extremely effective for women who have only appeared the first signs of aging. As a preventive measure to prevent wrinkles and cellulite implantation of threads is recommended as early as 25-30 years.

Patients older than 50 implanted gold thread, unfortunately, useless.

The method of reinforcement is to be implanted under the skin with gold threads, combined with the strength of polyglycol threads, which are then absorbed.

Before the surgery, the doctor will determine an individual picture lines through which the reinforcement. Then, using a needle with a three-sided sharpened tip (for less traumatic penetration) are introduced under the skin of the finest gold wire with a diameter of only 0.1 mm. Sew them at a depth of 3 mm, which prevents damage to major blood vessels and nerve endings. The threads are implanted in the direction of wrinkles and under them (for their anti-aliasing) or applied as a grid (for the correction of vast areas with fine wrinkles or sagging skin).

Implantation procedure lasts about 40-45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. You can leave the clinic immediately after the operation, and the house would need to impose on the face of the special anti-bacterial ointment and 5 days to take antibiotics.

Contrary to popular belief, creates a lifting effect is not itself a golden thread. Just our body from entering any foreign bodies it surrounds the capsule of collagen fibers. They provide a natural framework for the soft tissues of the face. The new cells are formed around the gold threads, causing extra blood flow, tissue enriched with nutrients and oxygen, whereby the face looks fresher and younger.

The process of the collagen framework is quite long - at least 6-7 weeks, which means that the cosmetic effect of reinforcement will become apparent only after a certain period of time (from one month to four). The result is stored from 5 to 10 years (depending on the patient's age, health condition, and skin elasticity). Over time, the active growth of new cells is stopped and the procedure must be repeated.

In addition to gold is also used for the reinforcement of platinum - both biologically inert metal, do not cause allergies and are not oxidized.

Come up with the Egyptians

The idea of this method is not new: thus retain youth and beauty of Cleopatra and Nefertiti. Archaeologists found gold wires inside the remains of other great ladies who were buried in the Egyptian pyramids. The rebirth of this technology was a few decades ago in France.