If the implant under the skin of gold thread – foreign invention, the lifting with Aptos threads of polypropylene (non-absorbable synthetic material) – the achievement of the national cosmetology.


Sooner or later the years take their toll. Wrinkles, sagging cheeks, double chins, bags under the eyes – these sad metamorphosis occur due to age-related skin damage framework. By 35 years of regeneration, restoration of collagen and elastin – the tissue that play the role of “Atlantis”, supporting the subcutaneous tissue – is gradually slowing down. Deprived of solid support adipose tissue, according to the inexorable law of gravity is displaced. Unfortunately, a significant omission century, cheeks and chin can be removed only by surgery. But for those who attend to is not too late, there are methods to “preserve” their own age.

Aptos Threads help eliminate the defects of the facial contour: omission of the outer edge of the eyebrows, nasolabial folds and cheek, and the folds of skin on the chin and neck. Aptos Threads have special notches with the tabs that help to reliably support the tissues of the face, returning him to the contours of the young.

Position Procedure polypropylene fibers similar golden reinforcement only synthetic fibers set deeper into the tissue, and the total length is much smaller. Already at the time of the introduction of a new doctor creates an oval face. When the notches on the threads to straighten out, they seem to pick up sagging tissue and fix them in position. As in the case with gold threads after surgery remains on the skin incisions, only traces of the needle, which heal rapidly and without.

However, after the intervention may have bruising, but they are in 2 weeks. But the result from the use of threads Aptos unlike gold reinforcement is visible immediately after the operation.

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