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This prominent part of the body over the years, very rarely stays flat and taut, what gives a lot of grief. Flabby, sagging folds of ugly belly specialists figuratively referred to as "fatty apron". Fortunately, the possibilities of modern surgery can get rid of it by means of special operations - abdominoplasty.


The purpose of abdominoplasty - to remove excess skin and fat, giving the abdomen nice shape - no worse than that of the Old Testament Shulammite beauty of whose belly is said in the Bible that he looked like a round bowl, which wanteth not liquor. Many women expect to pull up the stomach with diet, massage, shaping, fat-burning zone, anti-cellulite gels. When it comes to the already established skinfold, these hopes were not justified.

Normally, the stomach loses its shape after pregnancy, during which the body produces large amounts of the hormone progesterone.

Under his influence, muscle, connective tissue and skin are stretched abdominal wall. The fact that the process has begun, according to a pink-purple band (doctors call them stretch marks, patients - stretch marks), stood on the surface of the abdomen. By the way, they also occur when a sharp increase in weight. Fatty apron drags down the navel, and was once a neat groove eventually becomes a shapeless obliquely fold.

Remove excess body can not afford: because the skin and the underlying tissue it does not have contractile properties and do not lend themselves to training. Paradoxically, the fact: If you pump up abdominal muscles and lose weight, skin fold on belly droop even more. Worst of all, when a woman loses weight at first, then fullness, then sits back on a diet. Result - all new stretch marks and the "extension" fat apron. In this case, no operation is necessary. This is where it helps tummy tuck.

The first surgery of this kind took place in 1899 - Dr. Kelly digged skinfold size 90x31 cm and 7 cm thick Remote "apron" weighed almost 7.5 pounds! But it's been the history of medicine. Principles of modern plastics have been developed in the U.S. in the 60s of the last century especially for the "stars" of Hollywood. Unbelievable, but true: American surgeons have perfected the technique of the operation and honed skills on the bellies of American celebrities.

The doctor makes a cross-section in the lower abdomen (where cosmetic seam almost invisible) and peels off skin and fat flap to the lower ribs. Then, strengthens abdominal muscles, muscles locking double layer of connective tissue (called aponeurosis duplicator).

After that, the doctor removes the excess and forms the center of a beautiful belly navel.

Features aesthetic body contouring widened as abdominoplasty have combined with liposuction - removal of local accumulations of subcutaneous fat (fat pads). The classic scenario abdominoplasty surgeon improves each in its own way.

Specialists have intrusive option transactions, designed for the elderly. This is the age when the metabolism is slowed down, and the skin has lost its elasticity, many acquire an impressive fatty apron. Given that the wounds in these patients heal worse, used a special technique, which implies minimal trauma.