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Plastic Surgery

This prominent part of the body is very rarely stays flat and taut, what gives a lot of grief. Flabby, sagging folds of ugly belly specialists figuratively referred to as "fatty apron". Fortunately, the possibilities of modern surgery can get rid of it by means of special operations - abdominoplasty.

How to return the youth and freshness of view, when no makeup, no special creams are no longer able to help? Salvation - a blepharoplasty.

Gold threads
For those who are not too late to attend to skin aging, there are methods to "preserve" their own age.

One of the most popular to date methods of surgical correction - sucking out the fat from the subcutaneous layer.

Aptos threads
If the implant under the skin of gold thread - foreign invention, the lifting with Aptos threads of polypropylene (non-absorbable synthetic material) - the achievement of the national cosmetology.