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Features of the Care of Cancer Patients

The peculiarity of caring for patients with malignant neoplasms is a need for a special psychological approach. Cancer patients are very labile, fragile psyche that must be borne in mind at all stages of treatment and care of these patients. The question of whether to disclose the diagnosis to the patient is still ambiguous and controversial. Some patients, after hearing the diagnosis, mobilize all its forces to fight the disease, others may be frightened and fall into despair. In any case, it is important to understand that this disease is to blame, neither the patient nor his relatives. Very often, parents whose children become ill with cancer, asked the question: "What have we done wrong?". Only one answer: "You are not to blame! Nobody is to blame!". In the West, and America made fully inform the patient about his condition and risks. Of many malignant diseases for patients produced a special book. They exist, even for children. They playfully explains the essence of the disease, doctors will do and what you should do your child to get well soon.

In our country about cancer often report not to the patient and his relatives. This allows loved ones to decide what form of knowledge of the disease is the most optimal for a given person. If someone from your family is ill, try to work out its position on this issue. First, you need to take the fact of the disease, get used to the idea that the diagnosis is already and now we must make every effort to help a loved one. Knowing how dangerous and difficult problem you encountered, it will be easier to deal with it. Take it easy: just need the excitement when a person is ill and no one knows what happened to him, but if the problem is clear, to begin to act. Think about how best to inform the patient about his condition: it can make a physician, you or the patient may remain in the dark (in my opinion, this option is only suitable for very elderly patients). Try a simple, concise and very clear way to tell the patient about what was happening to him. At the same time adjust it to the fight, and certainly a positive result.

Should be treated in the clinic and that doctor that you trust. Therapy can take a long time. This does not mean that you got wrong the expert level. Before treatment is sure to ask your doctor what kind of help you may need: extra care, purchase any expensive medicines, blood donation. In each case, experts are trained oncology service patients and family activities hygienic nature, proper diet, which has its own characteristics with different forms of the disease and treatments.

Treatment of malignant diseases is carried out in several stages. For a while, the patient should be in the hospital, at other times - at home. You have to understand that the atmosphere of the hospital is always tragic and difficult for the patient. Try as soon as possible, take the patient home. Caring for seriously ill family member can bring a lot of trouble. But believe me: a man feels at home, for what is living, for which he needed to live and recover. If you have the opportunity to hire a home nurse or specially trained nurse who will be engaged in caring for the sick. And so you will have more time and energy to support a loved one. If the patient is allowed to walk around, try to display it on a walk. Fresh air always makes a man forces. But remember that cancer patients contraindicated for long-term stay in the sun.

Of great importance is the regular monitoring of the patient: weighing, measuring body temperature, appetite, physiological, health, mood, etc. In most cases, the doctor will advise you to keep a special journal, since any changes may be a sign of disease progression. Must exactly follow the recommendations of the doctor not to pass designated examinations and time to pass the necessary tests.

If your relative is on chemotherapy, you should be aware that at certain times will be a change in blood: reduction of thrombocytes, hemoglobin and white blood cells. Perhaps, for maintaining the performance required transfusions of blood platelet and red cell mass. By reducing the level of white blood cells (blood cells responsible for immunity) a person is exposed to various bacterial and fungal diseases. That is why in this state, the patient required a special diet, full of cleanliness in the house (or apartment, if the patient is allowed to go home), and minimal contact with any infection. Ask the doctor will come whether your cousin such a state, and find out what action to take.

In all cases, mostly in the care of cancer patients is a strict adherence to the recommendations of a physician-oncologist and friendly attitude to the patient from others. But we should not dwell on the disease. The patient must understand that his relatives had just happy to be with him. Try to talk about the disease only in those cases where it is really necessary. In the remaining time of his conversation about work, family, movies, books, and any interesting things. Discuss the upcoming holiday travel. Love you really can help a person cope native serious problem, and thus save his life!