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Cancer in the Last Stages

In the XXI Century Oncology has become one of the fastest growing medical disciplines. Thousands of scientists are working daily to develop new drugs and diagnostic techniques, doctors are developing new approaches to treatment and health care organizations. And yet, sometimes the doctors remain powerless over the disease. As a rule, we are talking about diseases in the later stages, when the detected multiple metastases, inoperable tumor or its resistance to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In such situations, the only way to help the patient to palliative care. Palliative care is care that provides the best quality of life and patient comfort at the stage of the disease, when a special anti-cancer treatment impossible. This does not mean that the patient no longer perform chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Her conduct. However, the goal is not eradication of the tumor and stop its growth and metastasis. Depending on the variant of the tumor in such therapy, the patient can live for several months to several years.

The basis for the success of palliative care is a long-term continuous monitoring of occupational ill. For the conduct of terminally ill patients around the world and in Russia there are special hospitals, hospices. Currently operating in Russia only 45 hospices, has around 20 are at the stage of formation. It is important that the staff of such institutions specially trained to care and support to seriously ill people. As a rule, includes a hospital and hospice care services to patients at home. The basic idea behind these organizations is to organize the life of the patient at home in a comfortable environment for him. To do this, first the patient hospitalized in a hospital, where he picked up treatment, and then he was discharged home. Hospice workers regularly visit the patient, perform assignments, teaching methods of family care and treatment. It is clear that the main burden of caring for seriously ill patients lies with his family. However, for terminally ill people is so important to be among their relatives feel that they need that they are interested and want to help!

When the house is terminally ill, to cope with the flood of feelings can be very difficult. And the fear of a loved one mixed with dismay on his own impotence to the disease. Hopelessly sick man suddenly changes the entire tenor of family life. Often a patient is demanding, irritable and even aggressive. If you find yourself in this situation - remember that the emotions that you feel is natural. Now you need the help of friends and relatives. Do not hesitate to ask for it.

Remember that a state of complete helplessness, for any man - awful. Caring for the sick, when it's done for him and all he has to ask the necessary ones - it is difficult not only for you but for him. That is why the need to organize the living space of the patient, that he was most comfortable helping others care for themselves. Try to think through every detail from the position as if you do it.
The most correct approach to the patient is not pity, but respect and support. The patient should know that there is someone close who is not afraid to face the truth. Must be periods of weakness will be tears and sorrow, is a constant sense of hopelessness. And will the joy of your loved one smile, who can help feeling that with every passing day, this is a common victory.