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Senile Dementia

Causes of dementia

It is proved that the basis of senile dementia is always treats organic brain damage. But, unfortunately, sometimes you can not identify the specific cause of dementia in a patient.

Symptoms of dementia

There are many symptoms of dementia are the main ones.

Disorders of memory. In mild dementia, as a rule, there are gaps in the short-term memory. The patient forgets telephone numbers, conversations, events that have occurred to him during the day.

In severe cases, suffering and long-term memory. The patient forgets the names of relatives, their profession and education, developed disorientation
It may fail, patients lose the ability to respond to multiple stimuli simultaneously and keep the attention on one lesson.
Disorientation occurs, usually from the first day of the disease. The patient is no longer oriented in time and space, as well as in his own personality. In severe cases the patient is lost even in familiar surroundings and can not remember his name.

But changes in personality and behavior disorders develop gradually. This is reflected in the strengthening of the personality traits characteristic of that person. Thrifty is eager, happy - too jolly, energetic fussy, etc.

A person progresses selfishness, he does not want to listen to the needs of the people around them, there is too much suspicion and resentment.
Slowing the pace of thought, lost the capacity for logic. Perhaps the formation of delusions.
Emotional disorders are varied. There may be depression, increased anxiety and irritability, tearfulness, anger, indifference to others.

Dementia can be observed disorders of perception, manifested delusions or hallucinations. The patient may claim that he hears in the next room mooing cows and the roar of the waterfall.

In senile dementia, a decline of a critical attitude toward his condition and the surrounding reality. If a partial critique of self-criticism is preserved, patients try to hide his illness.

Diagnosis of dementia

Diagnosis of the disease involves the study of thyroid function, brain and psychological testing.

Treatment of dementia

Treatment of dementia includes psychosocial therapy and the use of medicines.
Psychosocial therapy includes patient support and care from his family and friends.

It is not recommended to put a man in a psychiatric hospital. He should be in familiar surroundings. The new location can only provoke the progression of dementia.

Drug therapy is indicated for depression, insomnia, hallucinations, delusions, aggression towards others. Showing products that improve the cerebral circulation.

Medicines, clears up by itself senile dementia, does not currently exist.