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Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis - a disease of the nervous system that affects mainly the brain and spinal cord. Impulses to the brain and the brain are transmitted along nerve fibers as well as apply an electrical pulse. The majority of nerve fibers covered with a special substance called myelin. In multiple sclerosis, the myelin is destroyed, followed by the formation of connective tissue (sclerosis). Multiple sclerosis is difficult to diagnose because symptoms are variable and are intermittent in nature. When medical examination in the early stages of the disease can not be detected nothing unusual. As a result, the doctor comes to the conclusion that the complaints are purely emotional and exaggerated. Often the diagnosis is in the process of identifying other diseases.

At present, for the treatment of multiple sclerosis does not exist. There are medicines that can reduce the incidence and severity of exacerbations.s

The reasons

The cause of MS is unknown, but many researchers believe that the role played by the immune system.

There are many cases of hereditary predisposition to the disease.
One theory is triggering factor for immune disorders is the virus that sets up the immune system against normal tissues. Partial response of the organism is a pathological effect on the myelin, which leads to the development of multiple sclerosis.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Along with the fact that for multiple sclerosis is highly unpredictable in most patients symptoms appear and disappear. The disease usually begins between the ages of 20-40 years. Between episodes of the disease can pass months or years of remission, but usually this interval is gradually becoming shorter. Loss of ability to move a progressive and permanent, in rare cases, the disease leads to premature death. In some cases, the flow is characterized by frequent exacerbations, and the man quickly gets out of order, while other patients can lead a normal life even if the appearance of a number of anxiety symptoms.

Complications of Multiple Sclerosis

In some cases, especially when the disease begins in middle age, multiple sclerosis leads to death within a few years. Recurrent urinary tract infections are a risk factor for kidney failure.

What you can do?

Living with MS is difficult. At a time when symptoms are not yet as severe, should be restorative treatment, adequate rest, diet. Physical therapy may help prevent muscle function limitations.
Some people use cranberry juice to reduce the risk of bladder infections, the main problem of multiple sclerosis.

Should visit a doctor immediately, as soon as the first suspicion of disease.
Means for preventing the disease does not exist.

What can a doctor?

Appointment of drugs that can slow the progression of the disease, immunosuppressants, anti-inflammatory drugs. Conducting physical therapy to relieve symptoms of the disease.

The action of the doctor intended to prevent the development of other symptoms of multiple sclerosis. To this end, a radiography of the skull, CT scan or a study of the brain using magnetic resonance.