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Bedwetting (enuresis) - is involuntary urination during sleep. This is a fairly common problem in children, teenagers and sometimes adults. Enuresis in children aged under 5 years old do not require additional examination, as it is rarely associated with serious health problems. Occasionally bedwetting can be repeated, even in children older than 5 years. However, it should not bother their parents, as this is usually temporary. Urinary incontinence in adolescents and adults is often associated with neurological disorders.

Causes of incontinence

- Small size of the bladder;
- Inability to control bladder;
- Fatigue;
- A nervous breakdown;
- Too early or too persistent attempts to teach the child to use the potty or toilet;
- Urinary tract infections.

What you can do?

Try not to take this issue as a serious problem, so as not to exacerbate the psychological condition of the child, much less a teenager. In no case shall not be ashamed, do not punish or scold a child (teenager). Do not let your child drink plenty of fluids before bedtime.

Try to make the toilet or potty was next to the child and that child was not afraid to go there myself.

Consult your doctor if the problem of urinary incontinence occurs in older child, adolescent or adult.

What can a doctor?

Conduct a survey of physical and mental condition of the child (teenager). If you need a treatment.