If you unconscious, the victim does not respond to external stimuli (does not respond to questions, tingling, flip flops).

Causes of unconscious

– Carbon monoxide poisoning;
– Hypothermia (after exposure to cold or cold water);
– Stroke;
Heat stroke;
– Diabetic coma;
– Severe blood loss;
– Strong alcoholic intoxication;
– Drug overdose;
– Head trauma;
– Low blood sugar levels;
– Too fast / slow pulse or arrhythmia;
– A heart attack;
– Some drugs;
– Destruction of heart valves.


It is recommended to consult a doctor if you often have fainting spells or dizziness, weakness, nausea, pale skin. For the patient unconscious for some time, you should seek medical help.


The main danger for the human unconscious is choking.

First aid for unconscious

You can help maximize a man in a faint breath to avoid suffocation. If a person is not breathing, give him artificial respiration. When the pulse and respiration normal, leaving the victim in a comfortable position. Loosen tight collar or belt, compressing the neck and waist. Check the pulse a few times at intervals of 5 minutes.
Do not leave the victim alone, until he comes to consciousness, or the doctor would not come.

Preventive measures

People suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, should always wear a special bracelet (telling others about their illness). Keep a sharp drop in blood sugar levels.

If you think you might faint, lie down or sit down, pressing his head to his knees.

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