Tennis elbow (or traumatic epicondylitis) – a condition in which the bone growth on the outside of the elbow (lateral epicondyle) causes severe pain. Tennis elbow is, of course, not only in tennis players. This trauma can also be caused by other sports, such as golf, as well as work in the garden, some types of construction (eg masonry work), work with scissors or swimming.

Causes of traumatic epicondylitis

This injury is always associated with excessive load. Lack of proper treatment can lead to progressive deterioration.

Symptoms of tennis elbow

From the outside elbow felt a strong pain that may spread into the region of the forearm or wrist. Pain may also be felt when pulling the wrist (ie, the motion of the back of the hand to the forearm).

What you can do?

At the initial stage of treatment is to cool the patient’s room (with ice packs), rest and taking anti-inflammatory drugs. For more severe pain, seek medical advice.

What can a doctor?

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy, a course of anti-inflammatory drugs and special exercises to strengthen and stretch muscles of the forearm. In severe permanent pain you may be offered steroid injections or surgery.

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