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Tendonitis Achilles Tendon


Tendonitis Achilles tendon - is it sore. Achilles tendon serves to attach muscles calf to the heel bone. It allows the foot to bend when you get up on the toes when walking and lifts. Each step depends on the Achilles tendon. Overexertion Achilles tendon is a common situation for runners and other athletes, dancers, acrobats, who jump a lot, as well as start and stop abruptly.

Causes of tendonitis

- Excessive load on the Achilles tendon (strained calf muscle, frequent running uphill or downhill, a sharp increase in the amount of physical activity, such as long-distance running);
- Uncomfortable shoes for running, for example, is too narrow;
- Frequent wearing of shoes with high heels and evening shift heel on a flat sole.

Following the stress state of the inflamed Achilles tendon may rupture, which is often accompanied by a characteristic sound of bursting. With a torn tendon is almost impossible to walk. Achilles tendon rupture can be treated surgically or by means of fixation.

Symptoms of tendonitis

- Pain along the tendon, usually near the heel;
- Swelling in the tendon with local hyperthermia of the skin, their redness and increased sensitivity;
- Pain in the toes when standing up and jumping on their toes. If you can not stand on toes, you may have a tendon rupture. This is a medical emergency;
- Pain in the first few minutes of walking in the morning;
- Limiting the mobility of the ankle.

What you can do?

Give the patient the leg rest and try not to carry heavy weights.

To relieve pain, reduce swelling and redness, use ice packs. Apply an elastic bandage on his leg.

When should I seek medical attention:

- If you can not walk properly and suspect tendon rupture;
- Feel the pain in the heel, and it increases with load;
- If you have the feeling that you are kicked or struck on the back of the leg.

What can a doctor?

For the Board of the treatment, please contact your physician (he will refer you to a surgeon) or to a sports doctor. You can prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and the rehabilitation program. In some cases, to immobilize the leg, the ankle is applied plaster. Itching in the first stage of the recovery of eggs. Do not scrub the affected area.

The second phase is to strengthen the Achilles tendon. Your doctor or a sports doctor will advise you strengthening exercises for rehabilitation. Sometimes used orthotics.
After elimination of the symptoms gradually restore the level of stress. Try to run as little as possible, while sensitivity and pain disappears. Cycling and swimming are the best replacement of the run.

Prevention of tendonitis Achilles tendon

Perform stretching exercises of the muscles and tendons of the legs, the muscles were strong and elastic.
Pay special attention to stretching hamstrings.
Prior to any sports training warm up and stretch tendons.
Always gradually increase the intensity and duration of training.
Terminate workout when you feel pain along the tendon.
To choose a comfortable jogging sports shoes with arch support are well matched.