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Pain in the Muscles


The bad physical shape, too intense stress, trauma or viral infection can cause a feeling of pain in the muscles. Regular exercise will help keep muscle tone and prevent pain and spasms that occur after a heavy load. The pain associated with viral infections, are alone to the extent of recovery. Injuries and stretching require medical care.

Causes of muscle pain

- Sudden or too intense stress;
- A viral infection such as influenza;
- Muscle injury, such as stretching or tearing;
- Hypothermia.

Symptoms of muscle pain

- Pain and aching muscles (arms, back, legs, neck and shoulders);
- Severe pain, tension, restricted mobility.

What you can do?

If you are injured, do not strain your damaged muscle within 1-2 days.
Apply anti-inflammatory and pain relieving balm, lotion or ointment
If there were no injuries, you can do a few stretching exercises, but do not overdo them.

Consult your doctor if the pain persists for 5 days, despite the measures taken.

What can a doctor?

Exclude fractures and other serious injuries. Assign the correct treatment, if necessary (muscle relaxant, a strong painkillers, corticosteroids or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Refer you to a rheumatologist, an orthopedic surgeon if necessary.