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Heat stroke is a serious problem that requires medical care. If you suspect a heat stroke victim should be transported immediately to the nearest hospital. Heat stroke does not necessarily occur after exercise, just a high ambient temperature and lack of fluid in the body. Most susceptible to thermal shock small children and the elderly.

The reasons

Normally our body is able to cool itself to the desired temperature independently. But in some circumstances (for very high temperature, high humidity or during exercise), the cooling system fails, and the body temperature begins to rise. If the body is dehydrated, impaired sweating, body temperature rises so that there comes a heat stroke.

Symptoms of heat stroke

You may experience headache, dizziness, lethargy and fatigue, agitation, disorientation or confusion. In severe cases, convulsions, fainting, hallucinations. Possible rapid pulse, high body temperature, skin becomes dry and hot.


- Coma;
- Can be fatal.

First aid for heat stroke

If you suspect heat stroke at someone, you should call an ambulance.
Before the arrival of the doctor's man should be moved to a cool room, spray it with water. If victim is conscious, get him to drink as much fluid.

What can a doctor

To carry out emergency treatment. If unconscious, the doctor can enter the patient by intravenous saline solution that will restore the amount of fluid in the body.

Prevention of heat stroke

In the hot season wear loose light clothing bright colors.

Limit physical activity during hot and humid weather. It is advisable to engage in physical activity or exercise in the cooler times of day (morning, evening). Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids before and after training.

Limit consumption of caffeine and carbonated drinks, as they can contribute to withdrawal of fluid from the body.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages before and after training, as Alcohol also stimulates the removal of fluid from the body.

Talk to your doctor about all medications you are taking. Maybe they can affect the body's ability to control body temperature and keep the liquid.