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Overview of fractures

There are two types of fractures: open and closed. In a closed fracture the bone is broken or cracked, but the skin is not damaged. With an open fracture the bone is not only corrupt, but also visible on the surface. Open fracture is often accompanied by severe bleeding. In open fractures and infections often occur.

The reasons

- Failure of a fall or a fall from a great height;
- Accidents on the road;
- A heavy blow;
- Excessive stress, such as during exercise, may lead to fracture of the foot bones, ankle, leg, tibia, etc.

Symptoms of bone fracture

If you are celebrating after the fall of the apparent deformation of the bones, severe pain in the bones, shooting pain, restriction of movement or pain when moving, you should seek immediate medical attention.

What you can do?

If you suspect a fracture is recommended to consult a doctor. Immediate hospitalization is necessary in case of damage of the nerves, blood vessels or very severe pain.

If you suspect a fracture, try not to touch the damaged area. In open fractures, use clean, dry bandages.

Secure the injured limb until medical help.

In order to fix the limb, it is best to put the bus. Do not be too tightly wrap the damaged area so as not to cut off circulation.

Attach to the damaged area the ice.

If you apply ice to the damaged site, it will help reduce inflammation and pain.
Frequent breaks, especially in persons over 60 years, requiring additional treatment to the doctor to rule out osteoporosis (condition in which bones become fragile).

What can a doctor?

The physician must make an X-ray, if necessary, under the control of X-rays to straighten broken (to reposition), have a cast. In some cases, fixation of complex fractures and bone conduct combined with special metal parts. This is usually done in a hospital in a specialized unit. The doctor monitors the recovery process. In some cases, after removal of the plaster may be required during recovery. This is to ensure that you fully regained all movement. Doctor may prescribe massage, medical gymnastics and physiotherapy.

Prevention of fractures

While skating, rollerblading, biking, etc. Use protective equipment: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, shin pads on. Provide the necessary safety measures for children. Watch out for young children. Teach children to respect the rules of the road.