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Electric Shock


Electric shock can cause serious damage, including deep burns and internal injuries. In addition, an electric shock can cause cardiac arrest.

The reasons

Electric shock may be associated with contact with the wire, outlet, or any electrical appliance, as well as with lightning. Even a small electric shock can cause burns, and a strong electric shock can be fatal.


For any suspected electrical accident are advised to contact your doctor. In the presence of burns, lightning strikes, a strong suspicion of an electric shock or serious condition when the victim should immediately call an ambulance.

First aid for electric shock

Call an ambulance. If possible, do not touch the man who has just been shock. Do not attempt to rescue the victim, unless you are sure that the current is turned off. If possible, disconnect all electricity in the house/apartment/office space. If a person is struck by lightning, it can be touched immediately after that. Be sure to check that the victim is breathing and has a normal pulse. If a person is not breathing, and you have the necessary skills, give artificial respiration. Burnt land cover with a clean dry cloth. To prevent a state of shock, lay the victim on a flat surface and lift your legs up to 20 cm If you suspect a neck injury, head or legs, the legs do not need to raise. Cover the victim with a blanket and watch the temperature of the body. Stay nearby until the ambulance arrives.

Preventive measures

The house watch over the safety of sockets and wiring. Make sure that the outlet and the wires were not available to children.

Do not use electrical appliances during a shower, if you have wet hands or in the room is very humid. Check the condition of the wiring in the house every 5 years. Be careful during a thunderstorm, try not to talk on the phone and not use electrical appliances. If the storm caught you on the street, try to find shelter. Avoid water, trees, tents, metal fences, and large open spaces.