Causes yellow fever

The source of the causative agent of yellow fever are sick people and wild animals, as a rule, opossums and monkeys. And the mosquitoes are carriers of the pathogen.

The symptoms of yellow fever

The incubation period, ie the time from the bite of a mosquito before the first signs of the disease lasts 3-6 days.

In the manifestations of the disease doctors are three periods: feverish, remission and jet.

The disease is characterized by acute onset of fever up to 40 degrees Celsius, severe headache, and joint pain. Characterized by the same pain in the legs and back.

The patient’s face reddens and swells.

On the second day there is a strong thirst, nausea and repeated vomiting.

The end of the febrile period may experience jaundice.

On 4-5 days of illness the patient’s wellbeing is improved and the body temperature drops. This is a period of remission. But it lasts only a few hours!

After this health is deteriorating, and the temperature rises again. Develops trombogemorragichesky syndrome, manifested nasal, intestinal, uterine bleeding, bloody vomit and dotted with red rashes on the skin. Blood pressure falls, heart rate slows, grows weak, it may be nonsense.

Complications of yellow fever

Complications of the disease include myocarditis, pneumonia, gangrene of the soft tissues or limbs.

With the addition of a secondary bacterial flora may develop sepsis.

Diagnosis of yellow fever

For the diagnosis of yellow fever is important epidemiological history and symptoms of the complaint.

In laboratory and instrumental studies of blood marked reduction in white blood cells and neutrophils, increased residual nitrogen, bilirubin and serum transaminases increased activity.

Found in the urine protein and cylinders.

It is also used serological methods, and histological examination of biopsy specimens of the liver.

Treatment of yellow fever

In the treatment of yellow fever, the doctor has two objectives: address the symptoms of the disease and stop its further development.

Patients assigned to strict bed rest, light diet with high amounts of calories. Need a massive intravenous vitamin and absorbent products and plasma substitutes.

Case of severe hemorrhagic syndrome is assigned a blood transfusion.

In severe cases, therapies can be used hormones GCS.

Prevention of yellow fever

In order to prevent yellow fever vaccination of people traveling to endemic areas of the disease. Immunity develops within 1 week and lasts for 30 years.

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