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The causes of the plague

The causative agent of plague is the plague bacillus. A major reservoir of infection in nature are rodents and lagomorphs. Just spread the infection can be predators that prey on animals of these species. The carrier of the plague is a flea bite in which the person is infected. Just pass the infection can human lice and ticks. Just stick penetration plague in humans in the processing of hides of infected animals or by eating meat from animals bolevshego plague.

At a human disease transmitted by airborne droplets. In humans, there is a high susceptibility to infection with plague!

The symptoms of the plague

There are quite a few varieties of the plague, but the most common form of bubonic.

For the plague is characterized by a sharp, sudden onset of chills and with the strongest increase in body temperature. They are joined by dizziness, headache, weakness, muscle pain, nausea and vomiting. Suffers nervous system, patients are scared, anxious, can rave tend to run away. Disturbed coordination of movements, gait, speech. For bubonic plague is characterized by the development of lymphadenopathy or bubo plague. In the field it appears the patient experiences severe pain. Bubo gradually formed a dense tumor with indistinct edges, sharply painful to the touch. The skin over the bubo initially normal color, hot to the touch, then turn dark red with a bluish tinge, shiny. As well there is an increase of other groups of lymph nodes are formed secondary buboes.

If untreated abscess buboes, then opened and transformed into the fistula. Then gradually they are healing.

Complications plague

In most cases the disease is complicated by DIC, that is disseminated intravascular coagulation.

In 10% of patients have gangrene of the feet, toes or skin.

Diagnosis of plague

Diagnosis of plague is based on epidemiological data. Currently, all natural foci of plague strictly recorded. It is also important for the diagnosis of typical clinical manifestations of the disease. The same study conducted bacteriascopical bubo punctate ulcers and discharge.

Treatment of plague

The first person with the plague, should be admitted to hospital infection.

Basic drugs in treating the disease are antibacterial agents.

Extract the patient had been ill with plague, infection of the hospital is made after full recovery, relief of symptoms and triple negative results of bacteriological seeding. When the bubonic plague statement made no earlier than one month from the date of recovery. Recovered people are followed up by a infectious disease within 3 months after the disappearance of the last signs of the disease.

Prevention of plague

Prevention of plague includes preventive and control measures. One of the most important points is the prompt isolation of patients with plague or a person suspected of having the disease from the people around them. Doctors and health workers in providing care to patients are required to wear anti-plague plague costumes.