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The causes anthrax

The source of the disease are domestic animals (camels, pigs, cows, horses, sheep and goats).

Infection occurs in the care of the animals and meat processing. It is also possible contamination by contact with animal products (hair, wool, leather, fur).

The infection can get into the body of the soil in which anthrax spores may be in for a long time (several years).

Pathogen also enters the body through the skin microtrauma, by eating contaminated food or inhalation of contaminated dust and bone meal.

The symptoms of anthrax

The incubation period, ie the time from infection to onset of symptoms, ranging from a few hours to a week. Typically, this period lasts for 2-3 days.

Allocate intestinal, pulmonary, cutaneous form.

Cutaneous anthrax in turn subdivided into erysipeloid, bullous, and edematous carbunculosis kind.

Carbunculosis is the most common form. It is characterized by skin changes in the implementation of infection. Early in this area there is a red, elevated above the skin spot. Then, in its place a bubble is formed, gradually transforming into an ulcer. All these transformations take just a few hours.

Patients complain of pain or burning at the site of ulceration.

Gradually around the ulcer are new bubbles, whereby the skin defect increases in size.

It is also observed symptoms of intoxication fever, weakness, drowsiness, headache.

Pulmonary form begins acutely with strong chills, high fever, redness of the eyes, sneezing, coughing, runny nose. The disease is very serious and can end lethally.

For the intestinal form of the disease is characterized by pain in the stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, and general intoxication. The abdomen is swollen, painful on palpation. The patient can also die from infectious-toxic shock.

Diagnosis of anthrax

For the diagnosis of the disease is important epidemiological history, the profession of the patient, the possibility of contact with sick animals.

Anthrax has a characteristic appearance of a dark scab surrounded by secondary elements, located on the swollen and reddened skin.

In the laboratory, there are special research that would identify the causative agent of the disease.

After the diagnosis of the patient is placed in a hospital in a private room. Statement made after a full recovery and epithelialization of ulcers.

The treatment of anthrax

Treatment of anthrax complex. Appointed by antibacterial agents and specific immunoglobulin.

Prevention of anthrax

Preventive measures is the detection and elimination of foci of infection.