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Operational Contraception

Operational contraception (USDA)

- Tubal ligation
- Vasectomy

Voluntary surgical sterilization

The voluntary surgical sterilization (DCX) is the most effective and permanent method of protection for both men and women. At the same time, DCX is safe and economical method of contraception. Improvement of anesthesia, surgical techniques, and improved training of medical staff - all contributed to improve the reliability of DCX in the last 10 years.

Medical conditions defined risk to the health and lives of women in subsequent pregnancies following conditions:

- Repeat cesarean scar on the uterus or after conservative myomectomy;
- The presence of cancer in the past in all locations;
- Cardio-vascular system
- Respiratory diseases;
- A disease of the endocrine system;
- Mental illness;
- A disease of the nervous system and sense organs;
- Diseases of the circulatory system;
- Diseases of the digestive system;
- Disease of the blood and hematopoiesis
- Diseases of urinary system;
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
- Congenital anomalies.

The decision for sterilization must be based on full awareness, careful deliberation and patient's wish to have no more children. Given the importance of volunteerism and the correct choice of contraceptive method, special attention should be paid to the consultation. A married couple must understand the irreversibility of the method of surgical sterilization. When counseling patients should be guided by the following terms.

Advantages: a one-time solution provides permanent, natural and most effective protection against pregnancy. Complications: like any surgery, sterilization is associated with a number of possible complications (complications of anesthesia, inflammation, bleeding).

Sterilization does not affect the health and sexual function.

Female sterilization is a surgical blockage of the fallopian tubes with the aim of preventing the sperm to the egg. This is accomplished by ligation using special clamps or rings, or electrocoagulation fallopian tubes.

Tubal occlusion technique implemented in different ways. Choose the right method for you to be an expert. Prior to the surgical sterilization is necessary to conduct a full examination of women.

Male sterilization or vasectomy, is to block the vas deferens to prevent sperm patency. Vasectomy is a simple, inexpensive and reliable method of contraception for men. After counseling the patient and processing legal documents necessary to carefully collect medical history, determine if there is a history of bleeding, allergic reactions, diseases of the cardiovascular system, urinary tract infections, diabetes, anemia, and diseases transmitted through sexual contact.