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Causes of mycoplasmosis

Mycoplasmosis this disease, which is caused by mycoplasma. This type of micro-organisms is opportunistic. That is, mycoplasmas may be in the body of perfectly healthy people without showing itself. But they can also cause a number of diseases, including urogenital mycoplasmosis.

Pass mycoplasma, as well as other sexually transmitted infections by contact from partner to partner during unprotected sexual intercourse. From an infected mother and mycoplasma can get to the baby during pregnancy or childbirth.

How to manifest the disease?

As a rule, pronounced symptoms in mycoplasmosis are observed. Often this disease is altogether unnoticed. But in some cases, the disease can then be activated and lock the following symptoms.

The women attract the attention of pain pulling character in the abdomen, vaginal discharge, discomfort, itching and even burning during urination. Complicated and sex life during sexual woman suffering mycoplasmosis experiencing discomfort and even pain.

For pregnant mycoplasmosis is a serious threat, because the disease provokes spontaneous abortions, early discharge of amniotic fluid and premature birth. In addition, mycoplasmas cause fever in patients, as well as pneumonia and even a serious condition such as meningitis, neonatal.

As for men, they tend to complain of a mucous discharge from the urethra in the morning. As well as the pain in the abdomen and a burning sensation when urinating. Sometimes mycoplasma "commute" to the prostate gland and cause its inflammation develops prostatitis. In some cases, can become inflamed and egg. It increases in size swells and turns red. Man feels the pain in the perineum, groin and scrotum.

But all of the above symptoms are not specific to mycoplasma, but also for many other urogenital infections. That is why the diagnosis of this disease can cause a number of difficulties.

To identify the pathogen produced crops on nutrient media. This research method is very accurate. But in addition to detecting the presence of mycoplasma in the body, you need to install and its image. For this purpose, such methods of laboratory diagnosis, or enzyme-linked immunosorbent as the polymerase chain reaction.

What is the cure mycoplasmosis?

Needless to say that the treatment should appoint a qualified doctor. After all, any inflammation of the genital organs is fraught with severe consequences up to infertility. That is why the treatment of any such infection should be adequate and timely.

The main group of drugs for the treatment of mycoplasma are antibacterial agents. Correctly pick the right medication will help the doctor. Mycoplasma is resistant to some antibiotics, which is why such funds are selected individually and self here is unacceptable. An important condition for a favorable outcome is the simultaneous treatment of both partners. Otherwise, the probability of re-infection!