Many of us have heard about the mysterious Filipino healers healers who perform the most complex operations with their bare hands, without the blood and scars. Someone thinks it’s magic, someone – a fraud. Laparoscopy has made perhaps the Filipino tale come true. Of course, the tools will be needed, but the unpleasant consequences – at least.


Normal operation in gynecology – it’s a pain, scars, long recovery and possible infertility. Avoid all this helps laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic surgery is very different from the traditional, although it is performed under general anesthesia. In the anterior abdominal wall make 3-4 deep puncture width not more than 10-12 mm. This is enough, because the diameter of the tool – only 7-10 mm. Then, by puncturing the abdominal cavity blown gas usually carbon. Gas “lifts” the abdominal wall, the surgeon was more convenient to work with. After another puncture introduced an optical instrument with a light bulb connected to a monitor. Image appears on the screen, and you can see all the details. After being diagnosed definitively confirmed through punctures introduced tools manipulators. The surgeon monitors the progress of the operation, looking at the monitor. Everything that happens is recorded on tape, which is then given to the patient. This is the “home video” may be needed in the future – if you require more surgery and consultation.

Sometimes, instead of laparoscopy hysteroscopy is performed. In such a case, and do not have to pierce – all tools are introduced into the uterus through her cervix. The patient was discharged home within a few hours after the surgery.

Beauty without casualties: Laparoscopy is not a hindrance future motherhood.


Laparoscopy and advantages that it helps to preserve organs, which cavity during rescue operations would be impossible. Women with ectopic pregnancy were operated after the break before the fallopian tube. Laparoscopy, which was originally developed as a method of diagnosis reveals an ectopic pregnancy at an early stage. Stray egg is removed in time, thereby saving the fallopian tube.

In the recent past, a torsion of the appendages were treated only by removing these bodies. Now, if the appendages are healthy and do not impair blood circulation, laparoscopy allows them to save.

You can use it to reveal – and heal! – Endometriosis (overgrowth in the wrong place cells lining the uterus), while other techniques, such as ultrasound, are not able to recognize this disease.

Hundred points

Compared to traditional laparoscopic abdominal surgery less traumatic, gives a minimum of complications and excellent cosmetic results. In normal operation the patient loses 300-400 ml of blood, and laparoscopy – 30-40 ml. This operation is almost painless, women spend in the hospital for a few days. A lack of big scars is also important because it reduces the risk of possible infection and inflammation.

Indications for endoscopic surgery are expanding day by day. Today, however, the operation through punctures hardly hold patients with severe adhesions, malignant and benign tumors are too large. On the other hand, the traditional open surgery obstacles – obesity, scars, a large loss of blood – on the contrary, it is a direct indication for laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic surgery do not all clinics – require sophisticated and expensive equipment by professional endoscopists. But if the question is not about emergency and about elective surgery, it is possible to wait and there are no contraindications, it is better to choose this gentle way. Its price is around $1000 depending on the complexity of the intervention.


Remove a benign tumor (cyst) ovary
Cut the adhesions
Tubal ligations for sterilization
Restore their permeability with tubal infertility
Deal with inflammatory and purulent processes
Remove the uterus with fibroadenoma,
Remove an ectopic pregnancy and twisted appendages.

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