These exercises are described further in the “Kama Sutra”. Ancient women did it, so to master the art of love and learn to delight not only themselves, but also a partner. German Dr. Arnold Kegel appointed them to their patients for a different purpose – to save women from serious problems such as uterine prolapse or incontinence of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing, physical activity.

Gymnastics Kegel, developing pubic-coccygeal and vaginal muscles, consists of three parts:

1. The slow contraction

It is necessary to stretch the muscles as much as we do to stop urinating. Slowly count to three. Relax. It will be a little difficult when, holding the muscles to hold them in a position of 5-20 seconds, then slowly relax.

Begin smooth rise to “lift” – traps the muscles a little bit (1st floor), hold for 3-5 seconds, continue to rise – we press a little harder (2nd floor), hold… So to continue to its limit – 4-7 “floor”. Down we go down the same stages, pausing for a few seconds on each floor.

2. Reduction

Stretch and relax your muscles as quickly as possible.

3. Ejection

A woman needs to make an effort as in childbirth.

Need to start training with ten slow contractions, ten ten ejection rate and five times a day. A week add five exercises to everyone, continuing to perform their five times a day. Add five for each exercise in a week, until they become at thirty. Then continue to do at least five sets per day to maintain muscle tone.

Do not forget to breathe naturally and smoothly during exercise. Do one hundred to two hundred compressions each day.

Gymnastics Kegel can be done almost anywhere – while driving, walking, watching TV, sitting at the table, lying in bed. At the beginning of classes may be that your muscles do not want to remain in tension during slow contractions.

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