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Intrauterine Device

The tablets can not drink, you do not want to use spermicides, condoms do not love my husband... How to protect themselves? Your choice - a spiral, five-year insurance against unauthorized addition of the family.


Can I trust her?

The main advantage of a spiral - it is difficult to use properly. Hence the reliability of the method. But do not just understand the motto of "set and forget". After 5 years, it should be replaced. Excess use of the term is fraught with growing of the spiral. Although ekstremalka seems to transcend all - doctors regularly exhibit in the womb ladies forgotten instances, including long out of production.
Before I set spiral, it is desirable to give birth and undergo a thorough examination by a gynecologist.

How does it protect against pregnancy?

Spiral most difficult meeting of sperm and egg. And if it happens, the fertilized cells significantly reduced the odds attached to the uterine wall.

If I get pregnant with coil, it will not hurt the child?

If this occurs (1-8 in 1000), the spiral to remove as soon as possible.

... And two possible solutions

The copper-bearing T-shaped spiral - a plastic rod with a copper wire spiral or copper strips. The more copper - the more effective contraception. But the absolute reliability and safety, and it does not have a lot of restrictions on health: any chronic inflammation, endometriosis, cervical disease, multiple abortions. It is advisable not to use such a spiral with uterine fibroids and anemia. There is a risk of ectopic pregnancy and dangerous, but rare complications such as perforation (puncture) of the uterus.

The unpleasant feature: against the background of copper spirals menstruation becomes more abundant.

Mirena - hormone-containing intrauterine system. It is considered the most effective method of contraception, almost comparable to surgical sterilization. Pregnant - one chance in a thousand. But it is necessary to remove the system - and you are again ready to be a mother.

Differences from the classical spiral: almost 2-fold decrease menstrual blood loss, there are no serious complications are much less restrictions for use. Mirena is suitable even for women with diabetes, hypertension, endometriosis and uterine fibroids. And even those who are counter birth control pills and breast-feeding mothers.