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Contraception. Symptothermal Method

It can not tolerate hormonal pills, he can not stand condoms, spiral set is not recommended to the doctor, and children in the near future, the pair do not plan to. Stalemate? Nothing like.


At the time of dokontratseptivnye husbands often reproached their wives excessive fertility, and were wrong. This is just the man almost always ready for a new life, a woman is fertile only a few days a month. Therefore, if the right to determine the period of ovulation (It usually falls in the middle of the menstrual cycle), the risk of unwanted pregnancy can be minimized by careful in dangerous days and enjoying unalloyed sex while everyone else.

"We know, we know - some chuckle. - Tried to be protected by the calendar, was calculated - out, the result under the table foot goes... ". And budutpravy: for protection on the calendar and you can not really rely. Not least because there are a lot of women with irregular menstrual cycles, and absolutely everyone can occur occasionally his hesitation.

It is more reliable method, based on signs of fertility, or sympto. It includes observation of some external symptoms and temperature measurement. Calendar method of protection with no need to give up, just his role will be supporting.

Do some math

Calendar or rhythm method (protection according to the calendar) - a good supplement (not replace!) Symptothermal.

Record the number of days each menstrual cycle is not less than six months. The first day is the day of the month.
Of all the recorded cycles, select the shortest and the longest. From the very short cycle, subtract 18. The resulting number - the first day of the fertile phase. From the longest subtract 11. The resulting number - the day of her graduation.

Example: if the shortest cycle is 26 days, and the longest - 32, counting will look like this: 8 = 26-18, 32-11 = 21. Hence, the conception probably from the 8th to the 21st day of the cycle. On other days it is much lower chance.


Watching secretions

Shortly after the end of menstruation appear mucus. If a woman feels the humidity at the entrance to the vagina, it is time to take precautions - though ovulation has not yet begun, but the vaginal environment is suitable for the survival of sperm (and they are in the right conditions can live up to 7 days). The closer to ovulation, the more evident the nature of the cervical mucus: in the most risky time is abundant, slippery, transparent and expandable, like raw egg white. The possibility of conception remains until until after 4 days after this "peak". Then the discharge becomes sticky, dryish or even terminate: Now sex is safe.

Monitor the condition of the cervix

It is easy to learn every woman who uses tampons. The state of the cervix is ??best to check the middle finger. In the fertile days of the cervix is high and soft to the touch as the lips and moist. After ovulation, it falls down and becomes hard as the tip of the nose. After 3 days, then can not be protected.

Measure the basal temperature

Every morning before getting out of bed, you need to measure the temperature of the body in the same way (in the rectum or vagina), and the same thermometer. During the period of ovulation, basal temperature rises by 0.2-0.5 degrees. After the basal temperature at an elevated level lasted 3 days, can afford to relax.

And remember: better safe than sorry. If the beginning of the fertile phase should be considered wet sensation and appearance of mucous secretions, it is determined by the end of the symptoms that emerged last.

Fix additional signs of ovulation

Specific sensation in the abdomen, bloating and breast tenderness, mood swings.


On the development of the method will take 2-3 menstrual cycle, and it's time for the safety net is necessary to use other means.
In the dangerous days (8 to 16, each cycle) will have to use a barrier or to abstain from vaginal sex.
Need the consent of both partners.
This interference, such as high fever, vaginal infection, recovery from childbirth, breast-feeding may affect the selection and body temperature, and to confuse the picture.
Does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases by.


Pros Symptothermal method are obvious: no cost, side effects, medical contraindications... Well the fact that it can be used not only to prevent but also for the planning of conception. But the performance, according to the Johns Hopkins University (USA), varies greatly: from 20 to 99% - by the correct application. Ironically, even in such an important matter, many women are not careful - or inexperience, or by carelessness. So if you are horrified at the thought of the daily measurement of temperature, do not waste time - this method is not exactly your.

To bring the efficiency of the method to the sacred 99%, you must:

To observe regularly;
Account for all the symptoms;
Interpret them correctly;
Do not make premature conclusions and do not rely on random.


Some believe menstruation guarantee of safe sex. In fact, it is not always a barrier to conception: Sometimes fetal period begins earlier than usual.