Normally, in the gastrointestinal tract of living mass of bacteria that perform a variety of useful features: break down plant fibers, synthesize vitamins, inhibit the development of pathogenic micro-organisms, etc. When dysbiosis is a change of qualitative and quantitative composition of intestinal microflora – the population of beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacilli significantly reduced and the amount of pathogenic microorganisms growing.

Causes of intestinal dysbiosis

– Long uncontrolled use of antibiotics;
– Surviving an acute intestinal infection;
– Unbalanced diet;
– Chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract
– Alcohol abuse
– Severe immunodeficiencies (for leukemia, AIDS, cancer radiation therapy and chemotherapy).

Symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis

Symptoms and signs are usually associated with a disease or condition that caused the goiter, and are not specific:

– A feeling of discomfort in the abdomen;
– Increased gas (flatulence)
– Changes in stool (diarrhea, constipation or unstable chair)
Abdominal pain.

What you can do?

Treatment of dysbiosis is a long process. Therefore, your main task scrupulously observe prescription.

What can a doctor?

Diagnosis and treatment of dysbiosis, as a rule, has been a therapist. For the diagnosis requires the presence of certain clinical symptoms, as well as the results of the following tests: coprogram (total fecal) and microbiological stool cultures. But for the purpose competent treatment is necessary not only to establish the existence of dysbiosis, but also to identify its cause. In each case may require a different set of additional research.

Medications used in dysbiosis, divided into probiotics and prebiotics.

Probiotics contain live organisms – lactic bacteria, bifidobacteria or more lactic acid bacteria that are normal inhabitants of the healthy human gut. Prebiotics are substances that create an environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria. In most cases, the treatment of dysbiosis is enough to re-colonize the intestines of healthy microflora. And she will win pathogens. Sometimes, however, to fight the pathogenic flora have to use antibiotics. Treatment is carried out at least 4-6 weeks with subsequent control of the effectiveness of therapy.


Equally important for the prevention of dysbiosis a rational diet and a balanced composition of the food. When antibiotic treatment is recommended in parallel preparations that support the growth and development of normal microflora.

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