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New Trends in the Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus, according to many experts in the field of health, takes on the character of an epidemic disease, as more and more people suffer from it. In this age of people affected by the disease, becoming more youthful. And there are at risk not only to those who have a family member was ill with diabetes, but also those who have just developed the disease over time.
Experts say that people in the family who are sick with diabetes, are the basis of risk. But they are not the only ones who can suffer from this chronic disease. In fact, almost everyone especially those who have high blood sugar levels and can not cope with it can get this disease.

Trends are changing

Previously diagnosed diabetes sounded like a sentence, as, for example, loss of limbs, blindness, kidney failure or premature death. But now, things are not so bleak. The development of modern technologies and achievements in the field of medicine, many patients with diabetes can enjoy a long full life, as ordinary people. 1. Insulin. Since diabetes is caused by deficiency of insulin, more and more people are beginning to use different methods of administration of this hormone in the body, such as:

- Insulin dosing with implantable catheter-measured blood sugar level, and immediately inject the necessary dose of insulin;
- Insulin inhalers, which are suitable for people who fear injections provide instant relief with a fast-acting insulin spray and inhaled through the mouth, in this case the insulin is absorbed through the buccal mucosa, tongue and throat, and very quickly into the blood;
- Developed capsules with insulin, the shell which will be a new type of polymer, they can help diabetics to receive the required dose faster as insulin will come into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system effects;
- Also developed new types of insulin, such as "glargine" (subcutaneous insulin), "aspart" and "75/25 lispro mixture", which are very fast-acting insulin.

2. Measurement of blood glucose. Blood sugar level is very important. New trends here include:

- Painless blood glucose meters that allow the diabetic to monitor blood sugar without pricking fingers for painful blood sampling;
- Glucose-strap, which is a device that continuously monitors blood sugar levels.

3. New types of treatment. Since diabetes is a chronic disease, there is no specific treatment that would help cope with the disease. However, there are more and more treatment options, all promising the best results, for example:

- Transplantation of donor islet cells of the pancreas, which can be effective for patients with a rare form of diabetes, namely type 1;
- Gene therapy, which deals with the release of the gene responsible for insulin production.

4. Vaccine. Currently being tested vaccine containing a peptide that prevents the destruction of pancreatic cells, which gives hope that people with diabetes can live a long life, despite his illness.