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Diet for Diabetes Type-2

Changes in metabolism in diabetes mellitus type II are caused by the presence of resistance to insulin, as well as a violation of its secretion by cells of the pancreas. This means that insulin can not fully perform its function as tissue sensitivity to insulin is reduced. To maintain adequate metabolic control in such an environment requires greater and greater amounts of insulin that the pancreas is no longer able to provide. Thus, the treatment of type II diabetes should be aimed primarily at reducing the level of glucose in the blood and increase the sensitivity of tissues to the action of insulin.

Why stick to a diet?

The most common cause of type II diabetes is obesity. Therefore, the normalization of the stereotype of power will be the first step in the normalization of blood glucose. Due to the nature of metabolism and hormonal regulation of body diet and regular exercise also contribute to increased tissue sensitivity to insulin.

Appointment of glucose-lowering drugs and even more insulin is required at later stages of the disease.

The diet is largely dependent on the individual characteristics of each individual patient. After the diagnosis your doctor must give you advice on diet and physical activity. In this paper, we give only general advice on diet in this disease.


Patients with type II diabetes need lifelong diet, so you should choose a diet that is tasty and varied, but it will promote weight loss and normalization of blood glucose. Calories chosen diet should help to reduce weight. Limit intake of nutrients leads to the fact that the energy reserves, preserved in the form of fat begin to be spent, there is a "burning" of fat and the person loses weight. The required daily amount of calories in the diet depends on weight, physical activity, nature of work and taken drugs. Calorie diet should be discussed with your doctor. In most cases, recommend reducing the daily calorie foods to 1000-1200 kcal for women and up to 1200-1600 kcal for men.

That is, what is not?

In the diet should limit the use of energy-dense foods and products that greatly enhance the level of glucose in the blood.

High-energy are considered: oil (including vegetable), sour cream, mayonnaise, margarine, lard, sausages, sausages, smoked meats, fatty meats, oily fish, organ meats, poultry skin, cheese (more than 30% fat), cream, fat cottage cheese, nuts, seeds, etc.

Strong sugar raising action the following products: sugar, honey, chocolate, dried fruits, confectionery, jam, kvass, fruit juices and soft drinks (including "Cola", "Fanta", "Pepsi", etc.).

In the diet should prevail foods that contain lots of water and fiber, and lean meats and fish, low fat dairy products. No restrictions can be eaten raw or cooked vegetables, except potatoes (cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens).

Should choose non-caloric sweetener for beverages with or without sugar. For non-caloric sweeteners include aspartame, saccharin, cyclamate, staviozid (Sucraseed, Aspartame, Surel, SusLyuks, etc.). Unfortunately, at present, most sweets "for diabetics" contain high-calorie sugar substitutes. They are not so much raise blood sugar levels, but caloric content does not differ from those of glucose. Patients who are overweight are strongly contraindicated. Pay close attention to the composition of products purchased in the department "for diabetics".

Diabetes and Alcohol

Patients with diabetes should limit alcohol consumption because they are a source of extra calories (particularly in overweight people). When receiving glucose-lowering drugs, alcohol can trigger life-threatening hypoglycemic state (lead to excessive reduction of blood glucose).

Delicious and healthy food

I think that after reading the above, you are absolutely spoiled the mood, and you're thinking: "What shall I eat? Indeed, almost all forbidden?".

In fact, it does not. Diet for patients with diabetes mellitus type II is almost equivalent to a diet for weight loss. Such a diet comply with more than half of girls and women who look after their appearance and health. There are even cookbooks that contain hundreds of recipes for tasty and healthy dishes. Take some time compiling a menu. Do not eat "horrible". By following these recommendations, you will not only stop the development of the terrible disease, but also lose weight. The surrounding necessarily notice the change occurred. After all, beauty and health is the key to success in today's world.