Hyperglycemia is the medical term that is used to describe high blood sugar. The level of sugar in the normal controls the hormone insulin. In diabetes the insulin is not produced in proper amounts. That means keeping your blood sugar within normal limits is the main objective of treatment. Hyperglycemia in diabetics can cause excessive and improper diet, insufficient physical activity, skipping the next insulin or receiving glucose-lowering drugs, stress, infections, and even menstruation. Hypoglycemia is the medical term, which means low blood sugar. This condition occurs only in patients receiving antidiabetic medications (insulin or hypoglycemic tablets), and is not a complication of the disease and treatment.

Reasons for decrease in blood sugar can be very different: skipping meals, excessive exercise, alcohol intake, stress, etc.


“Experienced” is usually a diabetic hyperglycemia feels offensive to symptoms such as increased thirst, frequent urination, tiredness and fatigue, increased appetite, blurred vision, chills and appearance before the eyes, headache, reduced concentration, dry skin, irritability. The emergence of one or more of the following symptoms may indicate the development of hyperglycemia. Do not ignore these symptoms. Since your body is trying to inform the approach of danger.

The attack of hypoglycemia can occur very quickly in the absence of timely action even lead to loss of consciousness. Most diabetics feel an attack coming on, and time to time to prevent its onset. May be a harbinger of confusion, tremors, sweating, chills, blurred vision, headache, weakness, speech difficulty, numbness of lips. But sometimes hypoglycemia occurs without symptoms, so it is important to regularly monitor your blood sugar levels.

What you can do?

The most reliable way to verify his suspicions to a blood test for sugar. To date, there is a wide range of different blood glucose meters to determine the blood sugar at home. If, in spite of adherence to prescribed therapy, for several consecutive tests or two or more tests during the day you observed hyperglycemia, please contact your physician.
With increased physical activity, during illness, stress, and in the event of any unusual situations to do more tests.

For the treatment of hypoglycemia should be taken one of the following products:

– 1 bag (200 ml) of fruit juice (grape or apple) or other sweet drinks, you can simply dissolve 4 teaspoons of sugar in half cup water;
– A tablespoon of honey;
– 12-15 raisins;
– 4 pieces of sugar pill, or glucose (’15);
– 3-5 candy (sucking).

After 5-10 minutes, need to re-measure the blood sugar and, if the condition has not improved – again eat anything sweet. Always carry a bag of juice or candy. The attack may begin suddenly, and it is better to be prepared for it beforehand.

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