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Complete Pregnancy and Diabetes

Pregnant women with diabetes, the most common problem when it comes to the health of the unborn child, is a condition called "macrosomia", or an abnormally large size of the fetus. This is due to the fact that the mother's blood, the patient with diabetes mellitus, and circulates in the body of the fetus in the womb. As a result, the fetus produces insulin to regulate blood sugar, which leads to an increase in adipose tissue and the fetus receives large.

What can we do?

During pregnancy you need to keep weight gain under control, so food intake should be made midstream, the food should be varied in the diet should include vitamin and mineral preparations prescribed by a physician, and drink plenty of fluids. Consumption of sweet and fatty foods should be at a minimum. Here are just some of the principles that pregnant women with diabetes must follow the normal course of pregnancy, in spite of chronic illness:

1. Strictly follow the relevant plan of nutrition. Today, as never before, pregnant women should pay attention to what they eat and the nature of power in general. It is very important because this stage of the pregnancy itself requires strict control of blood sugar, to make sure that both mother and fetus, get the required amount of essential nutrients. To do this, seek help from a specialist in the field of diabetes, or dietitian to adjust power so that it meets the needs of not only the fetus but the mother. Meals should be balanced in calories, carbohydrates, and protein content and to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

2. Requires regular self blood glucose. Experts say that the only successful way to control blood sugar levels regularly is an independent measurement. Since pregnancy is a special condition, future mothers should be to measure blood sugar more often than usual, ideally, from four to ten times a day.

3. Requires the ability to produce insulin and adjust the dose based on the results of measurement of blood sugar. A sufficient amount of insulin is essential for pregnant women, so they should be able to do his own insulin injections in case if there is no one who could do it. Also it is necessary to ask your doctor how to adjust insulin doses according to the results of measurements of blood sugar. Knowing how to adjust the insulin dose is extremely important to ensure a flow of insulin into the body.

4. Treatment or control of hypoglycemia. Pregnant women are more prone to hypoglycemia dibetiki due to hormonal changes in the body. Although studies show that the consequences of hypoglycemia in the fetus is not observed, it is better to control it or cure as soon as possible, so that the expectant mother had no problems during pregnancy.

5. Regular exercise or physical activity. It is also very important for pregnant women with diabetes, because with the help of physical activity can reduce the risk of hypoglycemia and to combat obesity. Because pregnant women are difficult to strenuous exercise, it is better to perform light exercise to provide the necessary physical activity.