Perhaps the best way to lose weight – completely refuse to eat? But the experts say: hunger persistently interferes with the activity of the body – much more active than the most potent drugs. Therefore, to reduce the weight of the low-fat diet is much more effective than starvation!

“Connected” with the food, we have to survive, automatically switches to internal (endogenous) supply. Both supporters and opponents of starvation agree that the basic principle of its impact – a stress that activates the internal forces of man. But here the effects of stress is assessed in different ways.

HUNGRY wisdom of the ages

Treatment with complete refusal to eat is actively used by the doctors of ancient Greece, Egypt, India, Tibet… In medieval Europe, starvation and widespread, but it is not practiced by doctors.

Numerous enthusiasts taught their followers in such a way to achieve physical and spiritual cleansing.

In 1928, the World Congress of dietitians discussed the “starving” the problem and recommended a complete nutritional (food) fasting for the treatment of hypertension, atherosclerosis and obesity. In Russia fasting began to apply in the XIX century, and its most persistent researcher and became a follower of Professor Yu Nikolaev. Incidentally, he was not a nutritionist, a psychiatrist, and to start treating such patients with a variety of mental disorders (schizophrenia, even), but then came to the conclusion that some diseases are not the soul but the body (including, of course, obesity) is also amenable to curative effects of hunger.


Doctors from the beginning expressed their doubts about the scientific validity and safety of this method. But those who want to lose weight with the help of such “miracles”, apparently did not pay attention to the main principle formulated by the author of the popular book “The Miracle of Fasting”. Paul Bragg: “If fasting is carried out correctly – by the time of his weight is restored to the original figures”.


Strictly Doctors warn: starvation process should begin with a visit to the doctor and preferably – with a full medical examination. It is important not to cross that limit the physiological features, which can occur after a severe illness. This “threshold” is individual, and correctly identify it at home is not possible.

Fat people are much more difficult to go hungry than lean.

So, is there anything you can not, you can only drink water (some prefer distilled, but experts recommend regular boiled). Need to drink a day for at least 1.5 liters – by the way, it may not be so easy, “on hunger” water may seem very nasty. Go to bed rest does not force anyone, on the contrary – offer outdoor exercise, massage, hydrotherapy (including – required daily enemas).

The first 3 days (they called the “stage of the food drive”, speaks for itself) is usually painfully hungry, there is irritability, sleep becomes restless, often exacerbated by a previous illness. Then hunger blunted and completely disappears, the language is covered with dense grayish-white coating, while breathing the smell of acetone – all the outward signs of acidosis (increase in acidity).

Peak acidosis – the so-called acidotic crisis usually occurs 8-10 days and causes weakness, dizziness, nausea and sometimes vomiting. It is believed – a real therapeutic effect is achieved only when the “top” is overcome. Abstaining from food for a period of less than 10 days is called a short starvation and respected less than long-term (10-21 day).

In general, the duration of the hungry period is calculated individually in the clinic, it depends on the age, health, weight, and most importantly – from the time will come, “the completion of the clinical signs of starvation” is clearly visible only to doctors. This signals – it’s time to feed! Patient, by the way, this may not want to feel very refreshed and demand “to continue the feast”, and this is totally unacceptable. Therefore, it is dangerous for a long time to starve yourself, without the supervision of a doctor!

For home use only recommend a shortened 36-hour fast – it is generally well tolerated, and after it did not require any special restrictions, just the day after should be vegetarian. But the recovery period of prolonged fasting lasts no less than the famine, and the number of calories the body newfound food increases very slowly.

During fasting blood products accumulate fat oxidation. As a result of their actions on the brain a person experiences an emotional lift, euphoria, ease.

Slimming effect of hunger – a very fragile thing. Once people get into the first tiny portions of pureed vegetables – immediately started gaining weight. After the loss of pounds due to the fact that fasting is actively excreted sodium, which is literally “pulls” for a water from the cells. Once restarted, “supply” of sodium – all returned to their seats.

Counting the losses

With the unpleasant consequences of this method are facing many doctors: gastroenterologists and internists, cardiologists and psychiatrists, and even resuscitation. Of course, medical help turn those who were starving at home, uncontrolled.

Main purpose of losing weight – force the body to consume its own fat. The main purpose of the body: to survive, and for that he constantly needs to “fuel” (especially for the brain and red blood cells) – glucose. Carbohydrate reserves it is not too great, they are muscle and liver glycogen (this is – about 1% of body weight), and is fully consumed within 1-2 days of fasting.

Refusing to eat, people are actively losing weight at first, but by day 7-8 basal metabolic rate is reduced by 30-40%, and the weight loss is not more than 100-200 grams per day.

Then the body is switched to ‘nutritional self “and begins to synthesize glucose and that it should be used not only its fat but also proteins. Theoretically reserves the average person with a body weight of 75 kg are approximately as follows: 15 kg is the accumulation of fat, and 60% of them can be lost without jeopardizing lives. Source of protein – muscles, their weight around 10-12 kg, and 50% of consumption means death.

And, by the way, the reaction required for the synthesis of glucose, a person of average weight will lose about 300 g of muscle mass every day… The body is frightened and for self-preservation mechanism includes adaptations: reduces the production of insulin and thyroid hormones, goes to a reduced metabolism and begins to “feed” the brain of the products of incomplete oxidation of fat (ketones).


Dramatically reduces the amount of all vitamins (because proteins were lost to them a kind of anchor), and their content is restored not earlier than 2-3 months after cessation of starvation, and even after six months. Followers Bragg demonstrate jar with his “hunger” urine with the words: “You see how many crystals – it’s all the dross out, the body is clean!” And this is just what they, vitamins, and together with them – micro and macro minerals that are vital to us. The result can wait no longer.

There are even cases of “hungry” heart attack!

In the blood, increasing the concentration of uric acid – it provokes acute gout and kidney stones.

The view that hunger enhances immunity, are not scientifically proven, because the basis of immune cells – a protein that is how we spend our time.

The risk of emergence and exacerbation of peptic ulcer, colitis, gastritis.

Too long uncontrolled starvation leads to complete failure of the body to digest food, to mental disorders, general exhaustion – doctors call this state of nutritional marasmus.

Rapid weight loss at the beginning of starvation turns “rebound syndrome” – a set of fast and “brute force” extra pounds after returning to the joys of cooking.

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